Finding a clean shirt after 41 hours of no power and an unrecollectable time since one has last done laundry is cause for celebration. Also known as jumping on the bed. Excuse the mess. It’s been under the cover of darkness for 41 hours so I haven’t had to look at it. Or deal with it….

From Our House to Yours

It was all Carson’s idea. It was a little out of the blue, but the phrase “Can we take family Christmas pictures?” struck me as brilliant. Once uttered, how could we not? Now, I’m sure we’ve all had awkward family photos, but I think it’s safe to say our family is in a league of…

Photo Friday: Up

Meet two of my favourite foster kids: How to describe? Well, they share a wide streak of stubborn, but are definitely two different peas in a pod. The little lady is studious, clever, and definitely has the older sister dictator role down pat. And Bobby? Bobby is BOY, written all over! Here, she was reading…

Life Lessons from Gym Class

You don’t need much to have fun. Work Together. Falls happen. So get up! Long arms were made for throwing far. Use your gifts.   Face your challenges.  Smile.  Go hard. Treasure your friendships. And don’t worry if you were never the athletic one. Sometimes your presence is enough.