Photo Friday – The Price of Salvation

This is a photo I cannot show without telling the story: This is a woman we saw at the temple. When you step inside one of the many small buildings on the grounds, this one is different. It is a simple room with monks sitting at computers behind four walls about armpit high, reminding me…

Photo Friday: I might faint.

Do you SEE those little red numbers? The leaves are greener now than in this picture but the temperatures have been similar all week. I’m sweating. Or dying. Basically the same thing in my books.

Out and About – Art of Ulaanbaatar

There’s nothing quite as delightful as taking a new shortcut through a back alley-road and finding a new great piece of graffiti. The art and colour here found in some of the most unusual places really does make walking through this city a thing of discovery. I will be adding to this collection as time…

Photo Friday: The First!

Due to my lack of facebook photo-chronicling, and my desire to share with you a better picture (or several) of life over here, I am now implementing PHOTO FRIDAYS! In which I commit to joining so many others and faithfully chronicling something of our dailyish life via 1 or more photos, each and every Friday….