Crouton Connections

Some of the best life advice I’ve ever heard was given to me in my high school outdoor ed class. My teacher was raving about food in the bush, the day’s topic of conversation being steak (a popular subject that came up weekly). I’ll save you the dopey expressions on the boys’ faces and the drool building in…

A Charles Shultz Camping Trip: Part Two

Happiness is a smile in the morning. Happiness is the feeling of clean teeth. Happiness is chocolate milk on sale. Happiness is making memories. Happiness is sharing a swing set. Happiness is a day at the lake. Happiness is your best friend beside you. Happiness is your feet on the dash. Happiness is coming home.

Winter Camping

I went camping the other weekend. It kind of broke me. No, the -25degree weather didn’t shatter my bones or freeze my veins solid. It was something else. Something I’ve been missing…but let me explain.  My friend Kate came into work at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon. “Do you want to go on an adventure?” she asked….

From Our House to Yours

It was all Carson’s idea. It was a little out of the blue, but the phrase “Can we take family Christmas pictures?” struck me as brilliant. Once uttered, how could we not? Now, I’m sure we’ve all had awkward family photos, but I think it’s safe to say our family is in a league of…

Missing Mongolia

Mongolia is haunting me today. It’s unlike my usual longing to see the youth that I worked with there, a group comprised mostly of international missionaries’ kids. Today it is actually Mongolia. I saw pictures of summer there. The season changing has something to do with this, my yearning to be there and see, smell,…