Pussywillow Postcard

Dear Sally, We interrupt this program for an official announcement: the pussywillows are out! Just like last year, the first personal sightings were in Vanderhoof. J & I stopped to see swans on the river and stretch out legs. We ended up discovering the pussy willows too. We cut a branch to bring home to her mom and…

A Charles Shultz Camping Trip: Part Two

Happiness is a smile in the morning. Happiness is the feeling of clean teeth. Happiness is chocolate milk on sale. Happiness is making memories. Happiness is sharing a swing set. Happiness is a day at the lake. Happiness is your best friend beside you. Happiness is your feet on the dash. Happiness is coming home.

A Charles Shultz Camping Trip

Happiness is… a camping trip. …a good pair of jeans. … a tent in the woods. …the smell of campfire smoke. …something warm when you’re cold. …reading out loud. Happiness is matching sleeping bags. Or maybe a good snuggle buddy. Happiness is gumboots and plaid. Happiness will be here tomorrow too. Come back for Part II.

Maple & Mushers

There are several things I love in life. One is Canada. Another is Tim Hortons. Mostly because it reminds me of Canada. And Roll up the Rim? Even better. I also love cousins. And driving. So this? This here is pretty stellar: Last weekend we took a minor roadtrip to a hamlet a little North…

Winter Camping

I went camping the other weekend. It kind of broke me. No, the -25degree weather didn’t shatter my bones or freeze my veins solid. It was something else. Something I’ve been missing…but let me explain.  My friend Kate came into work at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon. “Do you want to go on an adventure?” she asked….

Walkin’ at RockRidge

I like to go for walks at my parents’ place. Can you tell why? This place was made for exploring. There are always things to see. And there is good company to see them with! What a dog, that BellaBeast. I notice things, on my walks. Up North the trees are not so red, nor…

If You Hate Scenery, Pass This By.

It’s been a week and a day since I left Smithers. After driving North for six hours, we unloaded the pick up and ate some fries and I hoisted my duffel, backpack and trusty ol’ gumboots in the back of a floatplane and clambered in. Then we flew, and this is what I saw: Green…