Pussywillow Postcard

Dear Sally, We interrupt this program for an official announcement: the pussywillows are out! Just like last year, the first personal sightings were in Vanderhoof. J & I stopped to see swans on the river and stretch out legs. We ended up discovering the pussy willows too. We cut a branch to bring home to her mom and…

A Charles Shultz Camping Trip: Part Two

Happiness is a smile in the morning. Happiness is the feeling of clean teeth. Happiness is chocolate milk on sale. Happiness is making memories. Happiness is sharing a swing set. Happiness is a day at the lake. Happiness is your best friend beside you. Happiness is your feet on the dash. Happiness is coming home.

Winter Camping

I went camping the other weekend. It kind of broke me. No, the -25degree weather didn’t shatter my bones or freeze my veins solid. It was something else. Something I’ve been missing…but let me explain.  My friend Kate came into work at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon. “Do you want to go on an adventure?” she asked….