Alphabet Catch Up, Part 2


A continued post from yesterday:
What’s been part of your life in the last month or so, Anna Brown? It’s a list remarkably similar to “Fun facts that aren’t significantly important”, but hopefully they’ll give you a little picture of parts of life around here.

P for parchment! Got that durn piece of paper that says I can teach now!

Questions. In my head, in conversations, looking forward, looking back. Lots of these in my life right now. Less structure means more time on my hands to query about anything and everything. Kind of exhausting in it’s own way, to be honest.

R is for resumes. I have a love-hate relationship here – I love writing them, but hate selling myself in reality. Just trust  me – I’m great. Why the paperwork?! (Funny it woesn’t work that way..)

S is for salty snacks. I’m currently enjoying ruffles chips, but hot dogs, french fries, and popcorn have all been very enjoyable lately. I need a judgemental friend around here or I’m going to be unhealthy for a very long time.

Travel. I went for a job interview last week. More on that later.

U – unpredictable & unexpected. Never say never! Also more on that later, when I tell you the big news on where I’m going to live this fall.

V is like vacation. I actually don’t do well with this “summer off” thing. I miss the structure of having a job or school for me to show up to. (Please read: I miss the STRUCTURE, not the SCHOOL! I am VERY glad to be done with the academics of things!)

W is for weddings. I think I was invited to 6 this summer. I can’t make all of them, but I’ll be at some and celebrating alongside everyone involved in the ways I know how!

X is for crossing things of lists. Random lists, project lists, life lists of all kinds of things. Helping get my parents’ house ready to sell, involvement in one of those weddings I mentioned, getting my teacherly papers in order, plus the day to day things that need to be done to stay sane. And I can’t do that without lists!

Y… is the new favourite word of the toddler. (Ok, I cheated.) I spent a lot of time with an almost-3 year old this month. Why? He asks. Because I like to. It’s been fun.

Z is for snoozzzzzze. I am a chronic avoider. It’s not good. Procrastication, freezing up, and getting busy with things to avoid others are all a part of who I am. Can’t say I like it much, but I will be honest – it’s a pattern deeply embedded in my life. The procrastination napping station has been a tempting one these days. I’m working not falling asleep into that temptation these days, with much to do and little structure to fit it to.

W is also for waterfalls. I’ve found quite a few, lately, and that is worth mentioning also.

And, on that note, it’s definitely time for me to go to bed.

Good luck on your own summer projects, and may you have deep and relazing times in between all those x’s on the to-do lists : )

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