Alphabet Catch Up; Part 1


For the sake of closure, I’d like to do a speed-through of the alphabet capturing recent days. I only got as far as D for published posts looking at the past year. Let’s let these letters cover the past month or less:


E is for eggs. I house sat at a farm this weekend.Complete with two bucket-fed calves and gathering 30+ eggs each day.

F is family. I played a board game two of my favourite 11 year olds today. Treasures.

IMG_3793.JPGG is goats. That was another bright spot recently. Again, linked to family. My Great Aunt & Uncle hosted a “feild trip” for some young cousins and I got to go along. Farms are good things.

H is helter-skelter. That’s what life feels like a bit these days. But, the summer is piecing itself together, and fall plans are coming along too!

I is for ice cream. It’s been hot. & I love ice cream.

stands for the name of a little cousin. I’ve spent a lot of time with my cousins this month, and loving it. But this one’s almost taller than me now – sigh. Do they all have to grow up?

is the other small cousin, who does keep getting bigger. “Quit it, kid” I tell him. He grins.

is leaning and learning. I’m so glad I have people to lean on. And I’m so aware that I’m never done learning. Seriously. It just never stops.

is management. I question my abilities here all the time. See also: “H” for Application*

N means New. New chapters. New processing. New things and people and places. How vague, I know…img_3658-e1530601360283.jpg

Online Course. It’s a long, long story, but I have one hanging over my head. I write my exam on Saturday, and I’m counting on a miracle – that I pass with ease. Something about this one has me quite unsettled. I’m quite ready for it to be Over! (Prayers appreciated. All glory to God! May I pass and celebrate his providence!)

Second half to come. For now, Good night!



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