Anna Brown, Where ARE You?

Sometimes, I need to just focus on the facts. So in this post, I try! The most common thing I hear these days is: Anna Brown, Where ARE YOU?!

It’s a very fair question – I tend to be hard to keep track of. Today, my focus is to answer the basic questions about where I am and what I’ve been doing.

The Who: Elusive Anna Brown
Aka as “Miss Brown” by the small ones.
Also responds to “Mrs. Brown,” “Mrs. Bentley*, “Mum,” “Ummmm….” and “Grandma!”*

The What: I have been coompleting my final Practicum for my teaching degree. 3 months in a K-1 classroom, then one last day spent at the university to finish things off. Then, I’m FREE!

Growing beans in the classroom (I have a classroom!) for our plant unit


The Where: I am living 2.5 hours West of my Hometown, then half an hour south in a smaller community that’s mostly lakes, fields, farmers and loggers.

If this wasn’t the creepy internet, I just tell you where I am, but for today I’ll call these the closest town “Burnt Lake” and my school community “Glassy Plains” 😉 

Why Here? Well, why not? Also because I like rural communities, seeing new places and trying new things. And I kind of got tired of my own Hometown & School district. Shh. Don’t tell. 

The How I ended up here anyways: A classmate of mine invited me to do my practicum in her town. “You’re interested in rural, you seem to like adventure; what do you have to lose?” So I packed up my basement suite, put my things in storage and came to live in her basement/spare room instead!

Scene from my commute. Glory glory!

I left my hometown Feb 3 and I finish April 27 – only 3 weeks left! Time has flown by, yet I look forward to the next steps in life as well.

Which are…? ….Good question! I’ll let you know when I find out 🙂

Not a helfpul answer?

Alright, well in the short term I have family plans in May, a few weddings to attend this summer, and nothing else set in stone. I tend make a good chunk of decisions based on elimination, so I do know I don’t plan on subbing or working at camp, though things could always change.

Longer Term, I won’t be looking at working in my hometown this fall, nor my current school district. While my practicum district may have some opportunities available, I don’t feel it’s the right place for me to be at this time, and as much as I love my hometown, I’m ready for a change of scenery. At least for a while!

Images of practicum:  Reproductions of an art lesson. We really like flowers.

The What If’s:  “But Anna,” you might say. “What if I told you about {insert idea here}
? Would you consider it?” 

Well. I like to think I have a pretty solid set of criteria for what I’m looking for.
So IF a job opportunity lets me

…live North of 56 degrees latitude. (Think :Fort St. John and Up. Way Up.)
…have a dog

And IF I do not

…have to live in a basement suite
…have to share a fridge, kitchen, or laundry appliances

Then, if all that presented itself, maybe even with a job for an elementary teacher grades 2-4 range… I’d probably say SURE!

Because apparently I am becoming a teacher pretty darn soon! I almost cannot believe it – and yet, I totally can. It’s been a long haul, and the end (beginning!) is SO SOON! I feel like I can almost breathe again.


Spring Break. Exploring with my future dog (she actually belongs to my mom). I’m beginning to feel alive again!


Thank you for keeping track, friends. I look forward to sharing new adventures with you soon!

*Mrs. Bentley is another teacher in the school. Mum, Grandma, etc etc – I’ve been called them all, and it’s only been 2 months 😉 Kinders are pretty cute!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Kelusky says:

    Hey Anna! I live up in Yellowknife (North of 60!) and work almost full time as a substitute teacher, and I don’t even have a teaching degree! Lots of teaching work up here. 😀

    1. MissGrey says:

      That is good to know! Places always look better when I know a friend there already too! I’ll let you know if I apply in your neighbourhood 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the next step of the adventurous journey!

    1. MissGrey says:

      Thank you! Saw some fun shoes yesterday and simultaneously thought of you actually and “Maybe when I have that paycheck one day…!” Been enjoying watching your recent literary adventures as well!

  3. Nita Wiebe says:

    We have a really cute suite you already know about waiting just for you! You should come do potato harvest! Good money, dirt, more dirt, …um, that’s it for perks.

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