River Walk: Reflections

“The rest of your life is such a mystery to me” commented a classmate the other day.

It was an interesting observation. Accurate, probably.

My school and ‘other’ life don’t mix a lot, it seems. Not that I try to keep them disconnected or anything; they’re just different realms. Many different realms, I should say.

I find it interesting most of my closest friends hardly know each other. It makes me a little sad, when I think about it. Again, not a purposeful state. I think my life just spreads in a lot of directions, and maybe that’s more unusual than I remember.


I wanted to post a bit of ‘Other’.

So here are two of my happy ‘other’ parts of life:
my friend Sara, and the river.


We went for a walk the other day. It was good. It was needed.

It was grey. Kind of solemn. We didn’t hop skip and jump around, just meandered in the direction of the river, before traipsing around a little almost-island. The water levels are down in the fall, which makes for nice exploring.

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I concluded the best way to get where we needed to go would be to roll up my pants and succumb to the cold and slime, when the bushes on the bank became too thick for us to avoid the water.

I can’t say the idea thrilled me, but it impressed Sara even less. I played the part of the brat and enjoyed her facial expressions and discomfort from the safety of the other side.

My friend Kate would appreciate Sara’s position here – I maybe to have a tendency to get them both into sticky (or wet, or long, or slushy, muddy, dirty, and/or MILDLY dangerous) situations on occasion.


On the way home my eye was caught by a bright leave on the grey grey river rocks.
The vibrant colour shone out among the muddled, silt-covered stones around, so I took a picture, just because.

Shining brightly among grey. That’s what these river walks are like for me.

The events, meals, adventures, conversations or walks with good people among dreary school weeks – the things in my ‘other life’ – they shine out a bit. It is not all grey.

But I sometimes have to take a picture to remember that.



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