September is School

I forgot to take a first day of school picture.
I did, however, take a “look Mom, first WEEK of school!” photo, when I finished it, so I’ll include that instead.

People keep asking about my school start up – and it’s a bit complicated so I’ll explain it here.

Fact 1:
This is a big deal. It’s been a long haul.

Fact 2:
I started this semester with Practicum.

But…it’s complicated. I’ll elaborate:

Throughout this two-year degree, I will participate in three practicums.
First practicum was 3 weeks last February-March.

Second practicum starts with observing in a classroom as the teacher sets up his or her classroom for the first week.
After Thanksgiving, I will go back to that same classroom to teach 2-3 lessons/day for three weeks, with 2 full solo-teaching days at the end of it.

In the spring, I will complete my third practicum, lasting 10 weeks, in another school yet to be assigned.
(Beyond stating a preference for out-of-town placement or not, I do not ever get to choose my practicum grades or locations.)

Fact 3:
I was, indeed, assigned out of town for this fall’s placement!

It just so happens that my practicum coordinator took note when I said I was really interested in a certain town a little ways North of here, and paired me up with a grade 3/4 classroom in the next school district over from my hometown.

That fact, I love.

I don’t mind the change of scenery, especially since it’s sprinkled with familiar faces and nestled in some beautiful natural environments.
I even spent some down time on the beach after my last day of observation last week, on a +20 degree day!

It was a little hard to come home, knowing I’d be the one sitting in the pupils’ chair for the next few weeks.
In a classroom with no windows, to boot. Still a little bitter about that one.

Motivation is well below lagging. It’s been a long haul.
My heart doesn’t like being cooped in a windowless classroom.
It’s tired of textbooks, and it’s only day 2.

The dot below sums it up well, I think.

As an art project that first week, the teacher I was observing read The Dot, by Peter Reynolds. The students were then asked to decorate a variety of dots for the classroom wall.

 This was mine.

I started out with blue, because I like blue.
I made it swirly and bended, because I didn’t actually have a plan and the marble look is pretty easy.

But then I got tired of swirling and blending and making colours fit together. I lost motivation, and still had half a dot of white space.
Pausing to look at it, rather dismayed,
it reminded me a bit of the northern lights.

And that’s when I got my cheater idea.
I do love shortcuts.
Terrible of me, I know.

I filled the rest in with trees.
I do love trees!

And so I sat in the classroom, a little wistful, acknowledging the beauty,
pleased with getting it finished and done, even if it was at half-effort,
but mostly just wishing I could be outside
with the trees.





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