Summer 2017: The Plan

Ever wish you had multiple lives so you could fit in ALL the different things you could do? I do, all the time.  There are so many opportunities in this world! With that in mind, I’ll break the sad news: I’m not planning on heading back to the Lodge (Manitoba). A large part of me wishes I were, because I really enjoy my time there, but alas! I have only one life and must take it a day/week/month/year at a time. And sometimes, that means saying no to some things to say yes to others.

So, what exactly have I said yes to this year?

First of all, at the beginning of April I finished my first year in the elementary education program. We don’t have a lot of exams in this program as many profs opt for final projects to be submitted instead. This means my cohort was out of school a wee bit earlier than many other students (and I’m not complaining about that!). The first 2 weeks of April I spent completing the semester and then staying in town to finish up an internship position at my church before heading off to…..

Southern Alberta!

Did I ever mention I have a rather large family? I’m now working for ones of my married cousins as an extra set of hands. Call it househelp, nanny-ish, farmhand ?! (we’ll see), kid chauffeur, whatever you really would like – I’m here and taking each day as it comes . This first week I have been busy washing windows and walls, helping with homework, making cookies, and eagerly counting down the days till the barn kitties come. As much as it sounds crazy, I think this will be the perfect wind-down place for me between school and my next chapter as a…

Work Crew Boss at Camp!

Didn’t see THAT coming, did you?
Yeah well, I didn’t either.

Towards the end of June the plan is to return to my hometown and head to camp (Ness Lake) for staff training, and then a summer of wrangling teenagers into cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, and tackling all sorts of outdoor projects, exposing them to a plethora of hands-on skills while challenging and encouraging them to explore their faith (or lack of it; I don’t think it’s fair to assume every person has the same background as myself) at a deeper level.

The backstory? I’ve been pretty involved in a group of youth through my church the past several years, and last summer, I just missed them. You have a lot of time to think about stuff in the kitchen, and over and over again I found myself coming back to wondering what they were each up to, and thinking and praying about the various activities I knew they were involved in. One day I caught myself thinking about them as well as camp. I’ve seen quite a few different camp programs, and it made me sad I would never experience camp with my girls. The days of cabin leading and kids camps have passed.

And then I had a thought.
(A dangerous thought.)

Your girls are in grade 9.

In a very small voice, afraid of what might come next, I had a very small thought response come next:

 yeah.               so? 

Grade 9 is the year you can join work crew. And come to camp for not one week, but three! And they would need a work crew boss.

Well actually, four bosses. I’ll be on a team of 3 others, and thankfully, I don’t have to be the head crew boss. That would be annoying for me, to be honest. I’m too lazy for things like that sometimes. I just want to go and spend time with my girls (and guys). I want to serve, and serve beside some pretty awesome young people. I want to lead by example and share the things I’ve learned from other willing people. I want to encourage others, and I want to be obedient to what I think God is nudging me to do.  

It took a few months to really decide to go through with it, but I’m actually getting more excited all the time. Following Jesus’s life never ceases to take me on an interesting journey! And this summer idea was a bit of a twist in the road – so I know it will have some good things in store!

Yours happily,


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  1. Hey friend Anna! I’m so happy for you that you are coming up on fun and exciting new summer plans! Woohoo! Love you.

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks Skylark! I’ve been enjoying watching your adventures from the online world, sorry I’ve been lame on comments etc! You are still much loved!

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