Dear Mom, I made it. (The prairie edition)

Dear Mom,
I made it!

Exactly one week minus 3 hours ago I pulled in to the second driveway on the right, safe and sound.
Because I neglected to text you every single stop along the way, I will catch you up now. I took pictures 😀 See?

This is me at the McBride Husky. It was windy, just like it always is.
aaaaand that covers the most interesting moment in the first several hours in my day.

Oh wait, I forgot. Just kidding!

A little while later I stopped at an actually really nice little rest stop somewhere on the side of the road:


I really liked it. It had a great outhouse, lots of room to run, a sunny day, and a creek to explore!
Although I didn’t actually explore the creek. I was scared of bears that day and busy thinking about how if I had a dog I would let it run here.
Later on a figured out that it actually would have been pretty cool to explore the creek more, because of a ravine and a mountain and cutbanks and stuff, so i’ll have to stop again another day.

I also checked my tires at this stop since they’d been recently changed. Used my favourite torque wrench, so that was fun enough for a picture:

As I listened through the cli-cli-clicking of the torque wrench, I knew I was in the wilderness because I could hear wolves down the creek, across the river, and at the base of the mountain across the way. Or coyotes. Or maybe even the wind, but I’m pretty sure it was wolves.

Or coyotes.

The rest stop also had a fun looking logging road and a dirt road that followed the creek. I took pictures to prove that I did NOT continue down them because I felt it would be unwise. See how RESPONSIBLE I AM?! Pat on the back, me.

Anyways, if that wasn’t anticlimactic enough, I decided to stand on a rail, take a whole-person selfie, and hit the road again.

The roads were great, by the way. Damp and dark grey for some of it, totally dry for a lot of it. Mountains were gorgeous. 10 minutes of snow and mist/fog with a few hundred meters from the highway during said time but it was fine.

I made it through the sunshine and gorgeous weather, saw one animal (not alive), stopped for coffee but not for lunch – because I packed all kinds of snacks and healthy foods like I told you – ate a bunch of carrots and drove through lots of mountains. 

I pulled over here for a bit and thought about how it looked like a different planet. Or Antarctica.
Pictures don’t do it justice. At all.

The only other interesting things were stopping at the clearest creek I’ve ever seen, finding out that I can make a really good turkey noise, and finding a good song that I listened to for 40 minutes for a while. That was pretty fun too.

Eventually, after one bag of carrots, a few swigs of orange juice, a lot of new music and a supper pitstop with another cousin, I made it where I needed to go.




The last 20 minutes was full of a lot of dark gravel roads. But I made it!
The next morning I got my bearings, admired the flowers on the windowsill, acquired a 5 year old shadow, and generally felt perfectly loved and welcomed.

So now I’m here. Sorry I didn’t text. (But I did text Paul! And three other responsible adults, off and on.)

Anyways, isn’t this better? Now it’s like you got to come on the whole 10+ hour trip! Think of all the leg cramps I just saved you : )
Plus, you know the story has a happy ending, because you KNOW I’m already here.

Anywho. Love ya, and I’m off to bed!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    What was your destination? When will you return?

    1. Anna says:

      I’ll be back home (sort of- camp means I’m physically near home but still in another world, compared to life in town) at the end of June.

      Right now I’m in the Lethbridge area, more or less. Just put up a more detailed post about summer plans today! Hope you and Bill are doing well 🙂

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