A Selfie Interview: So How’s the Ed Program?

An article in which the Annalist’s Editor–in-Chief, Ms. Anna Louise,
conducts an interview with the protagonist of this site, one Miss A. Brown,
on the fascinating topic of
“So How’s The Education Program?”


Anna Louise, Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief: It’s been a long time! I’m looking forward to catching up and hearing about your winter. It seems a large part of your life is your education – what can you tell us about that?

Anna: Yes, it has been! The past 3 years I have been attending the modest little university in my home town. This year, however, I was finally able to start my first year enrolled in the Elementary Education Program.

This is a 2 year track that will allow me to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Education in the Spring 2018. So… just ONE MORE YEAR! It will have taken 5 years of schooling to get this degree, (although most programs in the province take about 6) and I am VERY Excited to see the end inching closer!

Our Protagonist, Miss Brown

Editor: For someone signing up for a lifetime of classroom work, you don’t sound very excited about your own education. Are you sure you’re really heading towards the right profession?

Anna: Ha! That’s a valid question! It’s true; I’m a pretty antsy student in the classroom and frequently choose to put other things in my life above school. During high school I probably looked like a model student, but in reality, I really value living life outside the classroom walls a lot more than I do textbook readings! Hence, jumping hoops is NOT a favourite past-time of mine, and to be honest that has felt like a large part of my post-secondary experience.

That being said, I still think teaching is the best choice for me. I find being in charge of a classroom a lot more invigorating than sitting behind the little desks, and as a teacher I will have the agency to help get students up and moving too! I look forward to building a classroom community where we explore our world in a highly hands-on way, and I’ve come across some great ideas throughout the year that keep me dreaming of incorporating into my teaching one day.

Also, spending time with 8 years olds affirms my career choice all the time. They do great things for my ego! If you catch them young enough, it’s that hard to convince your students you’re truly a superhero in disguise 😉 I love the imagination and enthusiasm kids hold.

The Best Teacher… or the “BEAST” Teacher? 😀

Editor: So, with the “elementary program”, does that mean you can teach high school too?

Anna: Not really. I mean, if a school is extremely desperate, I’m sure it’s possible, but technically I will only be certified for elementary teaching. As far as I understand, that means Kindergarten to Grade 9 since BC just had a new provincial curriculum overhaul.

Editor: I see. Do you have a particular grade you are interested in teaching?

Anna: I really do love grades 3 and 4.  They’re old enough to tie their shoes and zip their zippers, but they’re young enough to still love learning. If you say something is awesome, they believe you! It’s a pretty fun age.

I think I would be comfortable trying out any grade at this point, however.  Whatever I might teach will depend quite a bit on available jobs and location.

Editor: Speaking of jobs, do you see yourself staying in your hometown after your degree?

Anna: I’m not sure. I used to think I’d be happy to start a career here, but I might be ready for a change of scenery by the time I finish up at university. I’ve always had a heart for the North and smaller communities; sometimes tell people I just want to go teach in the Yukon, and there is some truth in that! Right now, as long as it’s more Northern than Southern, and it has trees and a job for me, any community is pretty much fair game.

Editor: What about overseas? Teaching is a ticket to pretty much anywhere, especially combined with a TESOL certificate, which you completed last spring. Do you see that taking you anywhere sometime in the future?

Anna: Well, the future is hard to comment on! I can see myself living overseas one day ( whether it’s teaching in an international school, a small private school, or English as a Second Language) but I seriously have no plans “for real” at this point. I tend not to plan more than a year ahead, and even then, plans change . I guess we’ll see what happens!

Some classmates and me testing out a dramatic, “Survivor” based science lesson. Some pretty fun challenges in this one!

Editor: Overall, what has been the best thing about your first year in the ed program?

Anna: That’s easy; my classmates! There are 25 other teacher candidates and we spend a LOT of time together (4 days a week, 5-8 hours a day). At first I wondered how personalities might mix, but we have a truly fantastic group! My peers are hardworking, collaborative, and creative bunch who all have a pretty good head on their shoulders. It’s truly a pleasure to be a part of this group.

Editor:  Sounds like a decent year! Do you have plans for the summer?

Anna: Yes I DO! But it’s another story… so I’ll comment on that in another post soon.

Editor: Sounds like a plan! Thanks for taking the time to share with us today!

Anna: And thanks for journeying with me thus far! I love hearing and sharing with my extended community and am sad I’ve had to put so many relationships on hold this season. This program has kept me busy, that’s for sure! Feel free to leave me a comment below to say hello!






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