Day 6: pondbeautyscum

Ever heard of a Rebus puzzle? It’s a literal/visual word puzzle. You can learn more by clicking here asking google all about it!  (Because I am lazy and won’t even link you to examples. You’re a big person, you can do it yourself. So there. I’m terrible, I know.)

The reason I have that word is my mind is because of today’s photo for my still-in-progress Nature Photo Challenge:

IMG_9495Yep, that there, folks, is pond scum!

A big question in this challenge was to showcase what’s beautiful where I live?

Well, the mountains. And rivers.And trees.
And wildlife. And flowers, and pussywillows.
And pond scum.

A troop of kids and I went walking by a river recently.

We found rocks. And pond scum.

It was bright green, lime green even. The unaltered photo above doesn’t do justice. This was colour vibrant and glowing out of a depthy clear puddle like a green saucer surrounded by all-the-same-colour-smooth-tan-grey river rocks.

It was kinda cool. Like, super cool.
because I am attracted to slimy green things like pond scum and boogers.

HA! Just kidding about the boogers (Well, sort of).

I thought it was a really fun colour, and full of mesmerizing designs in the clear still water. Beauty in the pond scum. I thought. There could be a life lesson in that.

But yet, from far away, it looked beautiful, and up close…. it was pretty slimy.

And cold.
And clingy.
(Like boogers.)

And then I thought, in a wise voice that strangely resembled Mr. Bean’s:
Hmmmmmm! That’s TRICKY! Like some ironic English-major poetic metaphor thing! It all depends on your PERSPECTIVE! 

So then I dropped a pebble in the scum. It went blurp. And I called a cousin and we poked at it with sticks.

Investigation, you know. In the most professional and reverant manner.

Look! Now the stick has boogers! 😀

Just kidding. We really just poked at it and that was fun. Because who needs to overthink things that are green and squishy?!

Except for, of course, me.

The pond scum picture still makes me think about beauty amidst the bland. And glowing things that catch our eye from far away but then make us feel slimy when we get a closer look. How interesting.

All that to say here’s the life lesson of the day:
If you find some pondscum, poke it with a stick.

That, and, if you ever need fake boogers, I know where to find some : )



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