Day 4 of Beauty: Land of the Blue Sky

What’s beautiful where you live or have lived?  My photo challenger asked.
Looking through photos, I realize I have lived a lot of places. Of course, everything is relative, so take that as you may.

One of the most exotic, by my own standards, was the city of Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.

This is not the city of UB. It’s part of the Mongolian countryside, and it’s pretty spectacular.
Since the rest of my Mongolia photos are hiding on a hard drive elsewhere, this will have to do to represent my stay overseas today. My daily views were filled with rectangular apartment buildings and coal smoke that covered the city, but the same blue sky was present there too – covering the country from corner to corner.

I used to think the sky could be the same blue everywhere, but even on the brightest days here, I’m just not so sure anymore. 

Not bad, eh?

PS: Photo borrowed from our friend Alyssa, whose heel-clicking photos and awesome travel collectives I still love to see online. Thanks for sharing the photo, Al – and also your time, adventures, and personality for those 6 weeks in Wintered Mongolia.. We thought we were making friends with a family of seven, but we got 8 new friends instead! 


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