Pussywillow Postcard


Dear Sally,

We interrupt this program for an official announcement: the pussywillows are out! Just like last year, the first personal sightings were in Vanderhoof.

J & I stopped to see swans on the river and stretch out legs. We ended up discovering the pussy willows too. We cut a branch to bring home to her mom and of course, we thought of you. It was a good day.

Anna and Jessalynn.

PS: I just read the original pussywillow postcard. This time, we did manage to stop at Woody’s!  We had a warm scone and a fresh croissant.

PPS: There were also baby bunnies this day! And eagles – bald AND golden! And cookies! Lots and lots of cookies…. and sunshine, and all kinds of wonderful things.

What a good day, indeed.

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