A Narnian Neighbourhood: Photo Challenge Day 3

Yesterday Last week there was a Monday; The Leap Year Day.

The last day of February, but the beginning of the week.
It was my own personal Friday, since Tuesdays are my Saturdays now.
Sunday, it snowed – for what feels like the first time all month… how strange.

And yes, you heard that Friday-bit right. I have a 7-hour Saturday class, shifting my student schedule completely. What a wonky way to see the week I live!


For a creature who loves routine, this year has been a difficult one to find one. Sometimes it has felt like all areas of my life have slumped and decayed in lazy habits and frustrations until I found myself living in quite the state of day-by-day in a scarily unhealthy way.

If I’m on top of my homework, I’m paying less attention to eating well. When I eat right, my sleeping schedule is off. Sometimes I’m on top of my cleanliness, hygiene, and social arrangements, but then I realized I haven’t had real exercise since… I’m not sure.

But Anna, you ask, What does this have to do with nature photos?!

Not much. Except that I’m still posting them!

Consistency has been hard this year – BUT – I am working on perseverance even if things are late or not perfect. I’m still aiming for completion. Hence, this photo challenge is STILL in progress!


See, I took my landlord’s dog for a walk (Look! Excercise!) in my new-old neighbourhood yesterday last week.

I lived in this neighbourhood for a time last year and have recently moved back in to the same suite I left last April. I’m loving being back, particularily the part where I have the option of taking the Maggie-Dog for walks out back.

It’s lovely.

In fact, it’s almost magical – a Narnian Landscape!

That’s what this early spring reminded me of last week with the snow and the green. I took some terrible-quality photos for proof.



The photos don’t capture it but it looked just like the scene from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe where winter begins to melt.

Which was pretty cool in itself, and even cooler when I went home and saw that Sally had posted about Narnia too, on that very same day!


Main Street Cooperstown is dotted with reminders of Narnia, Sally wrote.

In December, these lamp posts are decked with greenery for the holidays. In the summer, baskets overflowing with flowers hang from their outstretched crossbars. In late February, they are bare. No matter what, they are beautiful.

So here’s some BC beauty too, Sally. I found the greenery for your lamppost!


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