A Little Birdie… Nature Photo Challenge Day 1

…told me it was your Birthday today!


That goes to you, my friend: you know who you are! Sincerest Birthday Greetings to you! I wish you all the best on this day (you’re probably in bed now, seeing as the sun sets sooner on the East Coast USA) but also in the upcoming year. I hope you see daffodils soon, and a soothing or spectacular sunrise too.

On another, yet related, note:
I was challenged today to post seven days in a row; seven pictures of nature to fill [social media] with images of beauty.

Apparently I can’t follow the rules either, because I am posting more than one photo, and through my blog rather than facebook. I rarely post several days in a row on facebook, but I did need the challenge to get back to blogging.

February has been unusually mild. The pavement is clear and dry; something I’m used to seeing closer to mid-April than February. I’ve never seen so much grass in this month either – do my eyes deceive me or is some of it green? I’ve seen a motorbike or two, and I don’t even wear my jacket outside. It’s very strange.


I, however, have not been outside much these weeks. I’ve been wishing to be.

My view is often more like this:



I find it hard to find beauty in this view sometimes.

Like, a lot of the time.

Thankfully, I do not actually spend ALL of my time in these hallways.

Sometimes I walk from my car to my house or across the parking lot to my school.

And sometimes, surprises catch my eye, when I remember to look up and not down at my toes on the (clear, dry, gravel-covered) pavement:

12721845_10207531608962691_2129223452_nHow many times have I heard lift your eyes? 

A lot more than look down at the pavement, that’s for sure.

My head was up, looking at cattails in a pond by my school, thinking they were pretty in the evening light. Maybe that’s my nature-photo today… when a flash of red caught my eye. 12746129_10207531609082694_96831127_n

I’m so glad my eyes were up. They wouldn’t have been had I not been challenged to watch for beauty in nature this week, and I wouldn’t have had the delight and wondering of catching this little guy and his mate in the evening light.

Thank you, my friend, for thinking of me. You have helped me see beauty today, and I’d like to share it with you.

Remember you have a Father who covers us with his feathers, makes us to soar on eagles wings, and keeps his eye on each and every sparrow.

Additionally, may your day be as cheery as a red-breasted bird and your heart as light as a feather! May you find the fattest worms for breakfast and … maybe I’ll stop now.

Best wishes to you, dear Friend!


PS: The pussy willows are not out yet, but I’ll be sure to send you a snapshot when they come. 

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