Still Alive! A Poem with End Rhyme (*Gasp!*)

Hello there World! It’s been a while….
I apologize, friends. This fall was a pile
of school and work and muchos of lazy;
I wish I could say it’s just ’cause life’s crazy
But really, I’ll admit, my non-communication
has mostly been due to my edumacation.

Summer is Over. I did come home from Manitoba
Summer is Over. and I  did make it home from Manitoba! (no fuss this time)

People ask if I’m alive, do I still live in PG?
You’ve all hardly seen hide or (pony)tail of me.
do still live here, and yes, I’m in school
(Not that I think it’s really that cool)
One semester to go and then two more years
To learn how to teach elementary-aged dears.

My First Day of School Selfie. Gotta love a good bathroom photo! (I have no shame.)

I took lots of courses from September to Christmas
Six, I’ll have you know, and none from my wish-list:
History of animals, and Hist of the world, also  geography and  writing
Education 101 and french intermediate (which really required some fighting)!
It was a big course load and not one to repeat
But I finished it all and now that was a feat!

Summer turned into Fall...
Summer turned into Fall…

Christmas was lovely and the break was just grand
I traipsed my way over to Alberta-land
and returned, after seeing oh-so many people
and then hibernated and caught up on my sleep-le.
Now classes have started; I’ve begun to emerge
And first on the to-do list was write this wee dirge.

My To-Do List / School Brain
I got a little busy… This is my To-Do List / School Brain

See, I do like to write, and I do love you all
And it’s time I quit letting myself drop the ball
in all things of writing and this poor little blog.
Instead I’ve spent time gazing at ads about dogs
and that’s just not healthy, it’s just not productive
where this is at least sharing, and could be reflective conductive.

And besides, one more thing – it was to me said
that end ryhmes are a crime, and end rhymes are dead.
My creative writing prof, that’s what he told me –
“End rhymes have no place in our modern poetry”
And that made me quite sad, it made me quite glum –
For I love end rhyme like a sailor loves rum.

Fall turned into Winter
Fall turned into Winter

So label me stubborn, say “obstinate girl”
Say “Listen to teachers, give other styles a whirl!”
I did try to behave (pretty much…mostly) in class
And he gave me a mark that was more than a pass
But now that time’s over, and now I am free,
And this little rebel is back, to be me!

Because really, who doesn't' love another weird bathroom selfie? (Seriously. I have thrown all my pride out the window, ha.)
Because really, who doesn’t love weird bathroom selfies?                (Seriously. I have thrown all my pride out the window, ha.)




8 Comments Add yours

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks! It was fun to write.

      1. mukul chand says:

        welcome, am sure .

  1. 😀 This was fabulous, my dear! I, for one, was not ever wondering if you lived in PG, because, well, you know. It’s far away. 😉 So I don’t think of you as living anywhere other than the internet. Which is weird now that I think about it.
    Stellar poem! It made me smile and it was informative, too! Love you lots, my Real Live Friend Anna!

    1. Anna says:

      Oh I LIKE the idea of living on the INTERNET! It’s a whole crazy cool world in there. I also like that I know you, and that we are indeed real live friends now. All such good things! Always good to hear from you, lovely Skylark! So glad you dropped by with a note!

  2. Sadie's Nest says:

    I’ll tell you what would be a crime… a life without rhyme! Your students are going to love you. So glad to see you back! 🙂 Glad you are doing well, God bless you on your journey!

    1. Anna says:

      So glad to hear from you Sadie! You come to mind off and on and I will never forget your part in the amazing Leek Soup. I’m excited to be back in blog-land!

  3. Tim & Brenda Brown says:

    Hi Anna Ban, Good to hear you do end ryme. Tell your prof to check out Robert Service, or my Grizz poem, and tell us it’s not pure poetry.

    The trouble with the world today is that it has no order or boundaries. Check out Francis Schaeffer’s writings. he told us this would happen.

    Come watch the D.T. soon, before life sneaks in and steals itself away. Unca Tim

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