A Day Off: The Prelude

Big news: Recently, I had a day off! But I have to pause and say I wanted to start with the words “Friday, I had a day off.”

Then I realized I have no idea if it was Friday or not because I hardly have a clue what day of the week today is, let alone how many days ago this day off was.

All I know is day off was steak day and today is pasta night.

My world revolves around food, only food.  Well, maybe naps are in there, but regardless – it’s a small world!

And did I tell you I live on an island? A maybe… five acre island? So literally: Small. World.


While The Island is cool and all, when I’m on it all day every day and see all the Other Islands – just a (literal) stone’s throw away – sometimes I get itching to get off The Island.

Cue: A Day Off!

My Yay Day Off! Face
Yaaaaaaay! Day Off!!

Oh Happiness. How Exciting!

Here’s how Days Off Work around here:


Yep. That Simple. The day is yours.

And again, the Island is small, so again, uhhh.. nothing.


As cooks, days off happen only when the lovely, lovely Juanita comes to spell us off.
Juanita runs the lodge with her husband. There is no set schedule for our days off; they happen a couple times a month just when they can.

There are no expectations of one who has a day off. You don’t even have to show up for meals!

Popular activities on days off include:

Sleeping In



Working Out




I Tried Tanning Once. I gave up fast.
If I’m going to lay around outside, I’m going to look at moss and bugs.

Activities listed are in an approximated popularity order by staff girls in general.

I tried tanning once.

It’s not my cup of tea.

In fact, that list is almost exactly backwards of the way my priorities work.
(Except I would kick working out off that list altogether, ew!)

Plus, I find sleeping in wrecks my sleep schedule and leaves me groggy and gross feeling for hours afterwards.

So, being the freak of a kitchen staffer that I am, I make sure to be at breakfast by 6.

I also like to do laundry.

Hashtag: Freak.
But I am okay with that.


It also lets me enjoy the morning at a different pace and be served breakfast instead of making it, which is honestly a little weird but it comes with the territory.

In addition, I get to check out the morning view for more than my usual 3.5 seconds on a regular day.

There’s a pair of waterbirds (possibly a grebe?) who patrol a certain nook of lake on my way to the kitchen.

I like seeing them constantly there.

This particular morning dawned on us misty and wet. It was raining.

So although I had slated EXPLORING as number one priority for fun times that day, initially I decided against it.

But when I had eaten a meal, read, checked emails, showered AND napped by 10 am, the weather had changed and I halfheartedly reviewed my decision.

Which would I regret more? Going out or staying in?

I knew my answer.

Time to put on some make up, get off my butt, and face my fears of Solo Exploration.


And yes, I put on make up to go exploring.

When you only one day to cram in the things you don’t normally get to do, you have to mix worlds a bit sometimes!

And guess what? It works.

The other day I straightened my hair to go kayaking.

Clean hair, ripped jeans, make up, gumboots, and a day in the wind and moss!

I guess girls can explore with straightened hair too;

    who     knew.


Anywho, I made myself a sandwich.

And grabbed some cookies, a carrot, an apple, and my water bottle.

Flip flops, a book, a hoodie, and rainjacket.

My knife, a garbage bag, my camera and phone.
(You never know when you’ll need a garbage bag.)

I put it all in my little red backpack:


Already, I felt better about my day. This was going to be a good day.

And it was!

I put on my backpack and my inner Tom Sawyer,
and I went solo exploring.

I’ll tell you more about it soon. ; )

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