Soup of The Day: Cream of Beautiful Broccoli

My life revolves around food. There is no way around it.

I think not in weekly schedules following Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday but in cycles of Pasta-Ribs-Chicken-Steak.

Conversation is difficult to bring to things outside of the kitchen, and the most exciting thing in my day just might be icing the carrot cake!

So forgive me, folks, for the first of many-to-come posts solely about food.

I think about food, make food, eat food, and dream food.

Desserts, appies, sauces, soups, salads. I don’t touch the meat much but we’re getting there. Dough is daily – bread, muffins, buns, bannock – it’s all there.

But today I want to show you my soup.

This is Broccoli.


Broccoli does not taste good, in my opinion.

Sure, you can MAKE it taste good, by adding garlic and salt and butter and pepper, but really

it’s just the garlic and salt and butter and pepper
that taste good.

The broccoli itself is just bearable because it’s own flavour is disguised.

IMG_5543Poor broccoli.

It didn’t choose to taste like wood and vegetable, I’m sure.

It’s texture doesn’t help either. It’s like, crunchy… and spongey… at the same time.

And it’s odour?

Faint, but foul.

The only redeeming features may be found in the facts that it is

1) Green and bright. It’s colourful; therefore pretty.
It looks good showing off next to other foods.

2) It looks like a miniature trees.
Nobody can deny it: That’s plain fun.


When I make broccoli soup, the first step is to put on my
“We Got This” Face,
as seen above.

I don’t like making broccoli soup just because it’s easy AND tasty,
excellent attributes though they may be.

Do you know why I like Broccoli soup?

Because it shows that broccoli can be made into something beautiful.

And because everybody loves it and that’s good for my ego.


This is achieved Mostly because I add a lot of milk.
And whipping cream.

Whipped cream makes everything better. Extravagantly, Exponentially, Better.

What a necessary luxury!
Please, you must appreciate the whipping cream.


Along with the cream I like to add a lot of onions and garlic, pepper, and a touch of salt.
Or a handful of salt, if it’s a big pot.

And while we’re adding lots of salt, pay attention to the garlic.

I am the queen of garlic.

Garlic & Whipping cream.
The secrets of our good green soup.

Mm Mmmmm.

Anyways, you put them together, eyeball it, and stir

and add more spices and
simmer and add more milk and stir

and add some potato chunks and stir and simmer and then a toss of parmesan.

And you think of rainy days,
because soup is good on rainy days

and Grannie,
because she made pretty good broccoli soup

and my mom,
’cause she makes good broccoli soup too

and cheese buns,
because they go well with broccoli soup

and THEN

you blend it all together so it’s thick and creamy

and delicious.

See? Broccoli can be beautiful too.
Your tastebuds will attest to that.

And if you’re still unsure, invite me over in the fall and tell me if you’d like some soup.

I’d be happy to oblige.

Boom. Broccoli in it’s most bearable form. It’s beautiful.

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