A Selfie Interview: So How’s Manitoba?

An article in which the Annalist’s editor –in-chief, Ms. A. Louise Brown, conducts an interview with authour of this site, one Miss Anna Brown, approaching the topic of “So How’s Manitoba?”

Ms. A. Louise Brown

Editor-in-Chief: First of all, Welcome back to Canada! I know it’s late but it’s been a while since we’ve talked…Mongolia, was it? And now you’re at a fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba? At any rate, it’s good to chat again! Let’s start with the question every seems to be asking…

Why Manitoba?

Miss Anna Brown

Anna: Thanks! Well, I’m still not even sure why exactly Manitoba…but I would say a combination of not wanting to pay for tuition on minimum wage and an itch to do something different is what motivated me to apply.

I wanted an interesting job, or one in a new place without leaving Canada. I don’t think it’s fair to want to travel the world when one hasn’t seen what this country has to offer! When a Manitoban friend responded to my query about jobs out here I figured there was no harm in sending a resume and seeing what happened.

And well, I guess this is what happened!

IMG_5244Editor-in-Chief: Wow. Good on you for trying something new! Still sounds a little crazy to me, but to each his own…  Are you enjoying your position as assistant cook? 

Anna: Thanks! I am! I wasn’t sure how I would do because it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure if my skills were good enough, to be honest, but everyone is very nice and it’s worked out well so far. I love having a routine, and working with my hands is very satisfying.

Also, I get to see lots of lake, birds, and sunsets so I can’t complain!

Editor-in-Chief: What are some of your favourite dishes?

Anna: Carrot cake, hands down. Lemon posset is nice, and chocolate mousse. Pretty much any dessert actually! I also like the bread dough – I do most of the baking – and making soup, too. I make pretty good soup!

My first time Fishing here!
My first time Fishing here!

Editor-in-Chief: So do you actually ever go fishing?

Anna: Good question! It might surprise you how easy it is to work at these places and NOT ever get on the water, if you’re not a guide. However, one of my goals this summer was to learn more about fishing, so I have fished off the dock twice now! If I get the chance I would love to make it out on the lake but we’ll see how it goes.

I have fished a grand total of 4 times in my life now, and caught 3 fish. Two trout in Spatsizi and a Pike yesterday.)

Editor-in-Chief: Sounds interesting. What kind of fish are there? 

Anna: Oh, oh! I know this one! Let’s see… Northern Pike, which is what you get most of; Walleye, which are smaller (a trophy size for them is 24 inches

Daniel and a Pike
Daniel and a Pike

I think, not 42 or 48 like other kinds); and lake trout. There also lingcod/burbit but those are bottom feeders you don’t want to catch, and some other kinds that I forget.

But the Pike are the giant ones that can be the same size as me.

Editor-in-Chief: Last question, since I know you have to be in the kitchen before 5 am – How are the bugs? I heard they’re the size of hummingbirds!

Anna: THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE TOLD ME TOO! But honestly I’ve hardly seen any. It’s pretty weird actually.

There ARE birds though! Loons, Eagles, Hawks, Sparrows, Ducks, Grebes… Maybe that’s why there are no bugs, they all get eaten…

Editor-in-Chief: Well that sure is something to ponder. Thanks for taking the time to chat; it sounds like a summer to remember. 

Anna: It certainly will be! Good night!

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