I Think This’ll Be Alright

I have an hour and a half until dinner time. (Pork tenderloin with blackberry sauce and mashed potatoes; creme brûlée for dessert. Staff get lasagna and Lemon Posset. Special Thanks to Melody and Auntie Rebecca for the posset recipe!)

I just finished the start of organizing my room.

My room. 


I realized today that this will be the first one having my own room in almost exactly a year.

  Really. Kate and I have had bunk beds, and before that I was at camp. That was a bunk bed too. I’m really, really pleased with my own bed.
Honestly, some might call this little bunkhouse rustic, and it smells exactly as it looks, but at least it’s clean. It may be small, but really, who needs big?

And, it has a window!

I  can’t decide if I should say I appreciate windows, or adore them. It’s a feeling of both.



Interesting fact: Despite it being almost no time at all since you started reading this post, I actually took a nap between those words up there and these words down here. So I need to start heading towards the kitchen soon.

But I wanted to show you my room.

And say look,

there is order!

And cleanliness.

And space.

11356042_10205732416464003_1223724458_nAnd I am in Manitoba.

Can I say that again? I. am in, Manitoba. I actually made it here. (There was a time in that PG airport I honestly thought I might not.)

One more side note: I miss Kyla a little. She’s a Manitoban friend who I’ve actually never met but count her as a long-lost cousin. There was once a chance we could work here together but alas, ’twas not to be. But the people here do seem nice and I think I will suvive this summer. I really do. I stood back in this doorway and looked at my clean little pace an hour ago and thought,

“I think this will be alright.”


(I mean, who really, knows, but it was a comforting thought.)

Peace and Bear Grease, people! I have an apron to go put on.




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