Manitoba Ho

I’m at the airport. The last time I was in this place I was making sure my friend Katrina From Alaska was getting on board her flight alright. That was December. I have missed her, since.

(If you ever read this, Katrina – Hello! I’m hanging out in the spot we played cards.)

The sky outside is a dark hue of blue. For once, it worries me. I’m not afraid of thunderstorms but tonight I’d not like to see one. I can’t afford a storm. I must to make it to Manitoba!

I have 3 flights to catch that will take me through the night and over three  provinces, before a very long drive North.

I think I’m excited.

I’m mostly excited.

I’m mostly exhausted.

It’s been a crazy week – very fun, definitely, and lots of grand memories I will cherish, but it’s left me tuckered.

This is the quietest place I’ve been in… I’m not sure how long. A week? Whew.

My brain has been focussing, processing, decision making and trying to stay in the moment and one step ahead of the game for quite some time now. Exams, moving, cleaning, packing, driving, working, planning, learning, frazzling, remembering, organizing, speech writing, mental-noting and packing again has left me wanting for a little decompression.

It didn’t help that today I missed my flight to Manitoba the first time.

Honest! Somehow I didn’t add all things up and was convinced I left on Tuesday.

…until the telephone call on Monday. Today. Around noon.

“You didn’t get off the plane…are you still coming?” they said.

I might have freaked out a little on the inside.

As in, a lot. a lot a lot a lot.

I’ve never missed a plane before, and never because I was sitting at home contentedly packing away.

But long story short, they still seem to want me! I’m leaving earlier and later than planned, but I will get there. I’m hoping for some sleep on the plane.

In hour long chunks, of course.

My life is a gong show.

I’d like my brain back, please.

But in the meantime, (while I wait for it to collect itself) here’s to travelling the time zones and sleeping sitting up. Here’s to new shoes and charging cords, to bulging backpacks and tired eyes.

Here’s to the mosquitos that will come but to the oostcards my mom will send too. There will be sunny days, and fish caught, and bread baked. And it might rain sometimes, but I hope it won’t be tonight. Let it rain the other days – I will be in the kitchen.

Truly, today was not a good day.

But tomorrow will come. And it will start it in Winnipeg.

Perhaps it will start with a coffee, and then a drive; two things I like very much.

That is, if I get there. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


My life. My packing. My brain. Exploded.
What a mess.


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