Facts: Re: Summer 2015

I, Anna Brown, acknowledge that I am, indeed, one wordy person, and hereby vow to (for once) make this a short, factual, and informative post in order that you (my lovely friends, followers, and family) might know about my life and plans in the upcoming months, saving me the repeated conversations in person and otherwise regarding the famous question “What are you doing next in your life?”, necessary as it is to ask in order to keep track of me. I understand my communication has been lacking this year and I now resolve to improve in this field in the coming months. 

Whew! Ok, here we go.

Fact: I am done school for the year. 

Fact: I have three years to go before graduating with an elementary  teaching degree.

Fact: Currently, I am 7 hours South of home. I’m working for about 10 days between life events, doing the same job I once described once here. 

Fact: I am enjoying the view out of my parents’ living room window.

The View
The View

Wait! No getting distracted, Anna! Stay on topic! Right:

Fact: I have a wedding to be in next weekend so I’ll nip home for  couple of busy days and THEN…

I’m going to Manitoba. (Fact.) Mid-May to August.

(I have no pictures of Manitoba – I’ve never been there before. Else I would put one in.)

I’m going to be an assistant cook. At a Fishing lodge, as a matter of fact.

That is all. I will keep you posted.

(And that’s a Fact.)

My Factual Face.
My Factual Face.

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  1. Fact: Miss that face. Good luck & have a great, safe adventure this summer. 🙂

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