PP: Vanderhoof

Pussy Willows
Pussy Willows

Hi Mom. 

Vanderhoof was lovely! Made a Saturday trip last week. Tires were fine, sorry to worry you. Didn’t make it to Woody’s for doughnuts b/c of delayed start (still bitter about the tires) but had a great time regardless. Saw Caryn’s horses, nice to smell them, haha! and just seeing the barn cats made me happy. Went for a walk in freezing wind (made a memory) and had supper at J&S. It really is as good as everyone says. And, get this: CARYN’S DAD GAVE ME MY OWN BEAR SPRAY! So happy! Wore ma gumboots & had some downtime. Needed that. So good.  

Toodles, Anna.

P.S. The pussywillows were out! & the Swamps swollen high. I love spring. 

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