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11173597_10205532652350025_1628229122_nMOM! Paul!

Remember my Titanic Paper? paper on the poem about the Titanic? Got it back… A+! See? No need to panic on those night-before scrambles! I’m actually really pleased, since it was the first paper I ever writ where I liked the material it was about by the end of it. It’s still early in the night in the photo ’cause the lineup of six juiceboxes and three kinds of hot beverages is missing. I’ll explain the drink strategy one day – it’s complicated.

From, The Daughter Who Should Take School More Seriously,

P.S. 3 exams to go. French tonight.

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  1. Person says:

    Good Job! But why are you standing on a table?

    1. Anna says:

      Ha ha! Wondered if anyone would ask.

      Because 1) I don’t like sitting still when I write papers 2) Standing on tables is fun and 3) It’s a better view of the stuff I wanted to capture. Not cluttery background stuff. Just paper-writing-chaos-stuff.

      P.S. You sound an awful lot like my brother, person.

      1. Person says:

        (I am actually your brother’s lighthouse friend. The alias happened because of my habit of commenting on blogs pseudonymously.)

      2. Anna says:

        Hooray! I LOVE lighthouse friends! Keep the Pseudonym, it’s fitting.

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