Postcard Pretend: Rain

I’ve been looking through the photos on my phone recently. I learn about myself by the things I like to capture.

These days, there are a lot of fairly unexciting photos, but there’s always something that made me pause or appreciate. There’s a lot about nature, weather, and seasons changing these days.

Take this one, for instance.

If this one were a postcard, it would say


Dear Mom, 

Smells like rain. Last day of class, first day it smelled like rain. Leaving at 5pm and it’s still light out, nicer than December! Glad the light is back. The view is from the entrance I leave every day, by the library. I might even miss this parking lot when I go! (Almost. Not quite. Did I actually say that?)

I like the pavement reflections. It was a watercolour day.


P.S. There’s even green grass! Forgot to tell you, it’s been a crazy early spring.

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