Postcard Pretend: Explore

Dear Mom,

Let’s pretend this is a postcard.

You’ve been very hard to catch on the phone. So let’s resort to some new-school old-school communication techniques.

Looking South over Fraser River
Looking South over the Fraser River;

If this was a postcard, it would say,


Dear Mom,

Went on a walk with Kate yesterday. Followed a creek and discovered a new trail that’s nice and long. I want to run on it but would have to bring Maggie the dog. Too bad we’re moving so soon – doubt the next place I live will have so many paths nearby, and with trees too. Walked on lots of logs while following the creek. Tons criss-crossed and fallen. Deep gully too, lots of moss. Walking on logs reminded me of living Up North. I like logs. 

Love, Me.

P.S. (Since this is a virtual postcard I can add all kinds of cheats. Like adding another photo to show you the pretty light in the stream!) Been wearing my gumboots a lot lately. I sure love my gumboots. 

Stream Bed Waterfall

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