Bearded Babes and the RoadTrip Challenge

I wish I could blame the coffee. Maybe I still can – that second cup served as good liquid courage as we threw our dignity out the window and spammed the world. I still feel a little bit bad about that – For the record, I am sorry, social mediusers.

That’s part of the reason for this post. It’s time to accumulate the ridiculous photos in one place and clean them up from the other online spheres.

Because otherwise I’ll be seeing things like THIS for a long time in way too many places. This, folks,

is Anna With A Beard:


But let me back up, let me explain…

Send us on an #NBCRoadTrip! We want to win!
Send us on an #NBCRoadTrip! We want to win!

The last two weeks have been special ones for my city. We’ve been glowing with pride, hosting one of the Nation’s biggest sporting events, put on only every four years: The Canada Winter Games.

One of the perks to having thousands of athletes, coaches, musicians and tourists around are all the promotions. (And mini-doughnuts.) The one that grabbed the attention of me and my friend Kate was the one offering seven different road trip packages around Northern BC.

All you had to do was upload a photo with one of the tourism booth’s backgrounds on Facebook, instagram, or twitter.

Free Trip? #YesPlease!

Get this goon off the bike and on the road with an #NBCRoadTrip!

But the real clincher?


If there’s something you should know about Kate and me, it’s that we are very good at eating mini-doughnuts. *ahem* getting things done. If we put our mind to it, things will be accomplished. We make a great team.

We knew that if we were going to jump aboard this photo train, then Oh Baby, We were going to Jump Aboard That Train!

Both feet in, all the way, do or die and      all    or     nothing.

So we undertook the mission, and all else aside,  our new life goal became Operation Win A RoadTrip.

Let's do this. #Friends4Life #Gettingitdone
Let’s do this. #Friends4Life #Gettingitdone

Spoiler Alert: We Didn’t Win.

At least, we didn’t win the roadtrip…we did, however, Win BEARDS!

Or rather, in the words of Kate, WE WON EVERYTHING! after standing in a chilly line-up trying to spin a dinky wheel in the Canfor hut for the chance to get free things like a hockey puck or temporary tattoos. We did score two free juiceboxes in line, which I appreciated.

But about The Everything – We were hoping for the beards, but we got better than that. Kate’s spin ticker-tickered all the way to the whole package: a bike bag filled with a hockey puck, mittens, a few other doo-dads and her very own quality tuque and BEARD.

We had been told about these beards. She was thrilled.

Crazily enough, my little spin landed on the same spot. “WOOHOO!” she let loose. “WE WON EVERYTHING!

It’s a good thing she was enthusiastic. Sometimes it takes a while to rev me up. But once I’m revved…look out world!

We both knew what we had to do.
Back to the booth!

And that, dear world, is how we spammed your facebook feeds.
And Instagram
And Twitter
93 Times.

We are sorry.

About that #NBCRoadTrip Spamming…. #WeSorry

All in all, it was a delightful way to finish up our Reading Break. A ridiculous, hyperactive way, but memorable nonetheless! I was reminded of the importance of  having fun, and having fun with friends. Even if you see them every day. Because that is a part of being friends.

Thanks Kate, for appearing in public with me.

Thanks world, for putting up with us. We hope you enjoyed the ride.

~Anna & Kate


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jonny says:

    “Anna’s pretty much a boy…just imagine her with a beard”

    1. Anna says:

      This might be my favourite comment of all time!

      (Actually I was compared to a unicorn once, so make that second-favourite comment of all time.)

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