What Fall Was: Snapshots of the Everyday

It’s been a while. So let’s just get to it: let me show you what fall was.

Fall was pretty. All over the city and outside it too. The photo on the left was taken on the Oasis Hill, studying with friends.

Yep, you heard me. Studying.

I enrolled again in that daunting experience known as post-secondary education.

At least it’s pretty there too.

School may be the biggest structure in my life, but not the only one.

Fall was spent figuring out life balance at home too.

I walked down our alley a few times this fall, to catch the morning bus. I cooked a bit. The bear stew was my favourite.

And yes, I’m working too – but only one day a week. Back to the museum means back to the kids and critters, with some snake poop to boot!

IMG_0643 IMG_0636











And did I mention our Roomie Kate? I say I cooked ‘a bit’ is because Kate is refreshingly more diligent than I am at all things kitchen.

We’ve been friends since grade 2, so we try to slip some fun into our everyday life. Or at least laundry and the occasional outing.

Like Booster Juice.

Or the Riverside Park, as seen here.

And don’t worry, we only dress like Twins on Tuesdays.

(Kidding! We pull the twin stunt only a few times a year. This time was just because we could.)


Coming soon: Finding Fall & Various Adventures
Coming soon: Finding Fall & Various Adventures


Overall, it’s been a fast fall.

The everyday life has been spattered with weekend trips and explorations, on-purpose visiting and spontaneous surprises. It’s been full of life yet also a grind – a season where I have to choose each day to be intentional, to choose to focus and prioritize. It’s been one of thought and questions as I keep figuring this life out, one day at a time.

And though I haven’t figure out much, I do know one thing:
I hope to be back again in this blogging world, sharing a little more of this life that’s been given to me.

Until then, I have a paper to tackle.

Yours Truly,



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  1. Rick says:

    Nice to see you writing again!

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