I’m finally trying it – Five-Minute Friday!  (On Saturday, no less. Breaking rules already!)

It’s been well over a year since I read my first FMF post over at Conversations – one of my favourite blogs, and have been hankering to try ever since.

Today’s prompt was “WHISPER.”

“I should go offer to trade.” I thought as I saw Kirsten’s campers dragging her to the slackline, asking her to supervise. I was on waterslide duty – the easiest job out there, monitoring kids going down for the splash by telling them when it was safe to go.

On this particular day at summer camp, it was windy and cold; nobody was interested in going down the waterslide.

I knew Kirsten had had a hard week. She looked exhausted.

Yet something inside me said “No. Not this time.”

What? That’s strange. Contradictory. Just enough of a thought to surprise me, cause me to question.

“God, is that you? That’s….weird. And crazy. It makes sense for me to help Kirsten – that’s the nice thing to do!”

“I have something for you here. Stay at the water slide. It’s okay.”

So hesitatingly, I stayed on my perch.
I turned my back and faced back out to the lake, eyes and heart trying to be watchful.

“Alright God. I’m trying to trust you, trying to learn your voice…let’s see what comes of this.”

Waterslide Pals
Waterslide Pals

5 minutes later, I saw 10 year old Tucker’s wide-brimmed skater hat climbing up the hill. I said hey. He was in both my climbing and crafts skills (activity groups) and I remembered his name.

“Hey.” I said again, hands in pockets and hood probably up. “Going down the waterslide today?” He looked up, paused, and shrugged.

“Yeah it’s kinda chilly….But you can come and chill up here with me instead if you want. Come say hi! If you want to. ”

And so he did.

We ate our tuck (candy) and sat for half an hour, hunched in the wind and trading candies. Talked  about nothing big or important. We watched the three kids who braved the windy lake and chuckled at the empty waterfront. I think he reminded me of me.

And somehow, that was just what I needed that day.

And God knew.

And spoke to me in a whisper.

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  1. Amber says:

    Welcome to the community. Don’t worry about writing late. No one is keeping track. Kudos to you for listening and obeying.

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