Selfie Sunday: A Post on Perspective

A photo on our camera caught my eye this morning. It was a picture of my mother; a selfie.

It piqued my interest and made me stop. It struck me. Captivated me. I love it.


I could write a whole entry on what I read in her face at this moment, but that is a thought for another day. Captivated by the above photo, I began to rethink this social and photographical phenomenon – The Selfie. (A term both oft heard and uttered by myself, I admit, this week.)

The Selfie is usually absorbed in it’s name exactly – all about self. Lookin’ good? Let’s document that, seems to be the most common motivator. However, the more selfies I consider, the more I am convinced that there is more to these length shot than meets the eye…


First, there is such variety. A Selfie doesn’t have to be of one’s face. I say if you press the shutter and capture a piece of yourself, it counts:


A Selfie has a limited window, cutting out the big picture. While I believe this can be workd to a person’s advantage, it can also leave out important parts to a story:

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A Selfie can be taken unselfishly – for the entertainment and enjoyment of others. A camera with kids provides hours of entertainment; I know this to be true.


And it doesn’t have to be only oneself…


Admittedly, A Selfie does take some skill. Angle right, button down, zoom OUT, not in…I’ll admit I’m actually terrible at taking them.

In trying to take this –

Hi Sarah!
Hi Sarah!

I actually got this:


Not bad, in my opinion. I like it. It shows that the Selfie sometimes turns out rather unexpectedly.

Now, a prime time for Selfie Taking is often when chronicling a moment is just that – a moment – captured for the proof of it, really.



This one is a sentimental shot – my first bus ride back in the country. We spent so much time in transit last year that stepping onto the bus was like stepping into another room coming home. Odd, I know, but true.


The Selfie is especially good at communicating emotions. The above is portraying me sick on the airplane.
I refrained from chronicling the barf bags. You can thank me later.

But in the end?

I just think Selfies are fun.

Me and Mom - havin' a good ol' time
Me and Mom – havin’ a good ol’ time.

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