Mongolia, By the Way

I may have told you. Chances are I didn’t.

You may have figured it out; (the few facebook photos would be a strong indicator.)

But if your connection to me is mostly via the blogworld, you likely do not know.



But that’s NOT ALL! No no, dear friends, I am not alone.

Odd as it is to be here without my team, I did bring someone else along..

Someone really wonderful, that I am proud to introduce you to.

Sporting the "24-hours-of-travel" Look...ei yi yi!
Sporting the “24-hours-of-travel” Look…yuck

Meet my mother.

Now, the purpose of this post is strictly informational. Excuse me while I try to stick to that. Between the fact that this trip was pretty low-key and unadvertised and posting these two pictures on facebook, there have been some questions asked!

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So now, I will answer them. (Duh)

Q1: Are you in Mongolia? Why? What are you doing? 

Yes! People have often asked me if I would ever go back. My answer has always been “For a visit? YES! As a serious long-term commitment? I don’t know. Only God knows. So maybe, but I’m really not worries about figuring that one out right now.”

So this is no “scouting trip” or anything serious like that, I just wanted to show my Mom the people and places that have played such a distinct role in my life. She is also friends with our hosts so they’ve been busy visiting as well.

The third reason I wanted to come back is to say “I remember.” So often we get preoccupied about checking off our travel list that we don’t want to return to a place if we have the chance to explore somewhere new instead. I want to honour the friendships I made and come back just for them. This isn’t about exploring – it’s about sharing life.


Q2: How did your Mom do on the flight? How long was it?

Better than me! I was given the chance to knock one more “new thing” off my list in life, which was one sort of strange consolation to getting airsick (and I NEVER get motion sickness!). Hooray for barf bags!

Mom was a trooper. We navigated Beijing and it turned out pretty straightforward (thanks to all those who prayed! Seriously) and had an unexpected layover that pushed our travel time to nearly 24 hours total with 2 flights and a long layover but Mom’s been going hard the whole trip.

It’s been fun.


Q3: How long is your trip?

10 days. We return to Canada on Wednesday.

Q4: Do you remember how to speak Mongolian?

Some. I can get around but I am sad to see what I have actually lost. I know that I should know how to say certain things and I can’t. And my grammer is AT-ROC-CIOUS! But people are still surprised with what I have and I haven’t spoken it in a year so I have to let it go and just enjoy it. Which I am, really. I love hearing this language again!


Q5: And finally, about the bird…

…how heavy was it? What kind? Is it tethered? Is it Dead? Why is your Mom not freaked out?

Maybe 10 pounds? Golden Eagle. Yes, No, and because it takes more than a bird to freak my Mom out! Obviously. You’ll have to ask her all about it when we come back.

Because Until then,
Darra Oatsee! Beadnir hotnee toeha sor’n.
We’ll see you later! We’ve got a city to explore.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Dominic Villeneuve says:

    Advise from a pilot: always eat something dense before a flight. It settles your stomach. I personally always eat a bagel before every flight. The only time I forgot to was the only time I’ve ever used a barf bag.

    1. Anna says:

      That makes sense! I like advice from pilots. Thanks Dominic!

      1. Dominic Villeneuve says:

        You’re welcome!

  2. Trudy says:

    Having read Hearing Birds Fly by Louisa Waugh I always feel as if I have been there already. Thanks for the great blog. It is interesting every time.

  3. Agnes and Bill Toews says:

    Hi Anna and Heather Thanx for your note. Great to hear from you. Well. you are missing a lot of rain here, so it is green.

    I do have a little favour to ask of you. If you have any Mongolian coins left over, I would like to buy them off of you when you get back.

    Thanx for now. Bill

    1. Anna says:

      Hi Bill!

      I’d love to bring you some Mongolian currency – however, it only comes in paper money. I’ll bring some over for you to take a look at if you’re still interested when we get home.

      Enjoy the rain – it’s been hot here except one day of refreshing rain yesterday. Always good to hear from you!


  4. The Schmidts says:

    Anna! This is so great! I’m so happy for you and your mom! Kyle and I are planning a trip with his parents to Chachoengsao this Christmas for some of the same reasons you mentioned – to introduce our family to our second family, and to share life with those we love so much! Blessings on you as you wrap up your journey! – Danae

    1. Anna says:

      Danae! I’ve been watching some of your other adventures and am excited for them all, but Thailand sounds like an especially great plan! Glad you will also get to share a piece of Thailand with family. Thanks for dropping by with a comment; it’s good to hear from you! 🙂

  5. Robin Bjarnason says:

    This is so wonderfully honouring toward your mom. Must have made her day to read/see it! Anybody who can raise three toddlers in the bush armed with a wringer washer and preserves while her husband goldmines can surely do 10 days in Asia with fortitude and humour!! She rocks.

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