From Now to Four Years

Dear world, it’s been a while…

I’m laying the perfectionist aside and simply getting to the point: It’s transition time. Plans are afoot. People are asking what I’m up to. Well, here is the recap and update – for yes, some major plans HAVE changed!

Yo Bro!
Still liking life


1. Right now…

…I am still working at the  museum! I work till the end of May. I am living  with my younger brother, in the same basement suite we’ve been in since September. It’s been such a good place to be in too! He is working as well; at the tree nursery just out of town.

2. Soon… …I will be quitting at the museum! 3 weeks minus a day left. I am taking much of June off, galivanting with my Momma, enjoying life as much as possible, and preparing for the summer and fall because…


3. In the Summer… I’ll be working at camp! July and August I will be at Echo Lake Bible Camp, a fantastic lil’ place an hour and a half from here that I worked at last summer as well as the Program Assistant. I will likely be in a similar role again, and my good friend Kate (KG) is returning as camp photographer.

(Marshall will be at Ness Lake, for those wondering.)

Camp Capers w/ Kate
Camp Capers w/ Kate

4. Then! All three of us will be returning to the lovely little basement suite in September! That’s right – Kate too! She’ll be our third roomie in our happy lil’ family. And did you notice?


Excitedness portrays in a variety of ways...
Let’s see your EXCITED FACE!

5. Because: The biggest draw for the previous plan – go to school in Victoria, complete their Education program and *poof* come out as a teacher in 3 years – was the fact that I could be done the degree in 3 years as opposed to 6 ‘most anywhere else. Long story short, I found out that at my hometown uni I can go to school for only FOUR years before *poof!* magically transforming into an elementary teacher.

Now, 4 years IS longer than 3, and I DO want to get this degree done as fast as possible, but the quality of life, cheaper living expenses, and my love for the North are all reasons enough for me to face an extra year of institutionalized education to gain a multitude of happier things. Like not moving : )

I have to say, I’m excited.

So get ready PG, you’re not rid of this lil’ dork quite yet! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the occasional adventures. until then –

Peace out, Brussel sprout!

Still as cool as ever!  Toodles!

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  1. Good luck to you! I trust elementary teachers are in greater demand in the north than they are down here. We’re not even accepting new TOCs in my district this year. Charlotte enters UBC for French Immersion in September. Those are the only jobs that are in demand around here. Declining enrollment is a miserable thing. (The trend is due to reverse with next year’s kindies, who will hit high school just as I’m scheduled to retire). I loved teacher training in the north. Say hi to Rikki Dalton for me!

    1. Anna says:

      Woah! I meet with her for the second time this Thursday! How did you know? (Haha, rhetorical, rhetorical…)

      As far as I can tell the North has a different trend indeed. I was told in a district only 2 hours away I could likely sub full-time as is – no degree at all! Can’t say i’ve actually done my homework on that one but there’s the “Rumour has it” for you!

  2. You are obviously doing really well, you sound fantastic. Have an incredible adventure with your mom. Happy you’re staying up north & living with your bro & bestie! ❤

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