A Charles Shultz Camping Trip: Part Two

Happiness is a smile in the morning. Happiness is the feeling of clean teeth. Happiness is chocolate milk on sale. Happiness is making memories. Happiness is sharing a swing set. Happiness is a day at the lake. Happiness is your best friend beside you. Happiness is your feet on the dash. Happiness is coming home.

A Charles Shultz Camping Trip

Happiness is… a camping trip. …a good pair of jeans. … a tent in the woods. …the smell of campfire smoke. …something warm when you’re cold. …reading out loud. Happiness is matching sleeping bags. Or maybe a good snuggle buddy. Happiness is gumboots and plaid. Happiness will be here tomorrow too. Come back for Part II.

Photo Friday: Back and Forward

I’m dreaming of summer! A lot of adventure and a little hard work. I’m excited.  There is a photo of me from last summer at the camp, at the wilderness “campus” per se…   We found ourselves with an unusual 10 minute break (waiting for a ride, I believe) when I took the opportunity to grab…

From Now to Four Years

Dear world, it’s been a while… I’m laying the perfectionist aside and simply getting to the point: It’s transition time. Plans are afoot. People are asking what I’m up to. Well, here is the recap and update – for yes, some major plans HAVE changed!   1. Right now… …I am still working at the…