Maple & Mushers

There are several things I love in life.

One is Canada. Another is Tim Hortons. Mostly because it reminds me of Canada.
And Roll up the Rim? Even better.

If you sniff the  leaf it smells like maple!

I also love cousins. And driving.

So this? This here is pretty stellar:

A Modest Lil’ Roadtrip

Last weekend we took a minor roadtrip to a hamlet a little North of here. A memorable drive with a favourite cousin, an overnighter with friends, and scouting out a certain special winter activity made for a great weekend.

Along the way, I was reminded of a few things…

I like winter.

And I like kids. I like friends.

And yes, I do think they can be the same thing.


I like kids that wiggle.

I like maple-in-the-snow.

Sunshine Squinting
Sunshine Squinting
Sticks in the Snow
Sticks in the Snow
Worth Another Lickin'
Worth Another Lickin’

I  like new things. I like learning.

This is one reason we went on the weekend of a major dogsledding event. The biggest races had begun the day before and the teams wouldn’t be back till the next day but there were some smaller races and winter festivities going on.

something or other
Dog Village
More Doggin’
Pro Youngster

The most amusing event was Mutts’n’kids. Any ol’ family dog was attached to a sled and urged towards calling masters some distance away, kids along for the ride!

And they're off!
and Masters
and Masters

Fun. I would love to go back another year and spend time truly learning. I don’t know much about dogsledding at all, and this was a fairly observational trip, especially with 5 youngsters in tow.

I want to talk to mushers. I want to go for a ride.
I want to ask questions. 

One day, I will.

Home Stretch
Announcer's Watchpoint
Announcer’s Watchpoint


Big Smiles

I like to celebrate. Even at -25 plus windchill.

But I understand that’s not everyone’s first weather tell me! What have you been celebrating in YOUR part of the world these days??

P.S. – Could I just slip one more photo in and tell you how much I just love this girl? Isn’t she beautiful?

Everyone needs a cousin like this one.
Everyone needs a cousin like this one.

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