Suck on a Ferrari and Darra Oatsee…

Dear world,

When I was in Mongolia we learned how to say good-night. Literally translated, it means “Rest Well.”

Sahan Amrarri.

It sounds like “Suck-on-a-Ferrari!” if you slur it.

Silly, perhaps, but the image of a big red Ferrari in one’s mouth helped me never forget the phrase again, after I made that connection. Occasionally I would hear a groggy “suck on a porsche!” from Adele in the mornings. Roughly translated it meant Good Morning, in roomie-speak. But not often. Mornings were hard enough without dragging porsches into it.

Anyhow, I have come to a decision.

It’s time for a break. The purpose of this blog was to keep all y’all who were interested in my life updated as to my whereabouts and activities. I’ve been North, I’ve been South, I’ve been to Asia and back, and now I reside “at home.”

I may never know what that means, but I do know that my adventures these days are of the fairly regular sort. To write about them now would really be all about me, and I’m not ready for that. It’s not all about me, and you don’t need to know what I eat for breakfast or how often the snake poops anyways.

(I should really hope you don’t care, in all honesty. You need your own life, if that’s what you really find interesting!)

I will likely be back. I don’t know when.
I will still post here if I have a story to share but no promises to you and no pressure to me.

I am down South for Christmas with the parental units, and will return to life at the museum and my hometown by the end of the week. I will keep you posted on any major adventures that appear in the future, keeping in line with    the point of keeping friends informed.


But until then, I will say Sahan Amrarri. May you rest well, and Darra Oatsee. I will see you later.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. I will miss your interesting perspective on the every day, and look forward to rare posts, when they show up. You paint beautiful word pictures, and I’ve enjoyed sharing them. Rest well.

  2. Good Luck Anna – go find your mojo !!!!

  3. Craig FauntLeRoy says:

    Hello Anna,
    This is Craig FauntLeRoy, I am Adele’s father. I have thoroughly enjoyed your post for the past year and a half. You have brought a light but informative perspective to the winter in Mongolia and your subsequent return that I have deeply appreciated. Your command of the English language and

    refreshing thoughts made the Mongolian adventure and its aftermath entertaining yet real. I will miss your updates, but certainly understand your desire to move beyond this post.
    Enjoy the rest of your life’s path Anna. I am glad ours crossed for this brief time.
    Craig FauntLeRoy
    Whitefish, MT

  4. Sally says:

    Aww…. Anna. I’ll miss your fun stories. Please go to Mongolia again or sub-Saharan Africa or China or the United States or some other faraway place where you can teach all their unusual customs and ways of saying things.

    Enjoy your break, but please come back!

    1. Anna says:

      Hmm. Well, I WAS just saying to a friend that the States is actually way more interesting and adventurous than people give it credit for, and I would love to go back for a Mongolian visit…plus my latest life plan is to go live in the Yukon one day…so I’m sure another adventure will be found at some point! Just not yet. We’ll see what’s to come; I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the kind words, and you better keep posting too! I’ll still be around the blogging community, just more as a reader for now.

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