I went with the aim of spending time with God. I looked out on the city with my Bible and journal on a gorgeous fall day while shivering a little in the sun. And after a long time of sitting, hemming, and hawwing, and not being able to focus at all,  I realized I had that word stuck in my head:                 Oasis.


I wished for a dictionary. I like definitions. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one so I was forced to really think about the word.

I took notes. This is what I got:

 Place of rest   Shelter        
 Gives Life   Protected
 Recovery   Beautiful
Refreshing   Green; gives life


A place to encamp, not a residence. A pit stop.
Something to aim for (gives hope), travel TO, then move on.
(In the middle of a desert or journey.)

Once there, look out. Look at the desert, where you’ve come from and where you are going.
Plan, observe, inventory.
Feed the camels and clean the boots.
Eat. Drink. Enjoy.


It was a good way of teaching. God spoke to me quite clearly that day before I even realized it.
Isn’t it cool that God knows how we learn and listen? He could have chosen any sort of way to communicate but he chose a way that makes sense to me. 

And I just think that’s the coolest thing. We have a God that cares, people! Who knows us and chooses to speak in ways that we can hear and understand.

The word is more to me than word. More than a pretty picture or hazy mirage. It’s where I’m at now as I’m

“Just working;”
“Just living.”

If God says he’s put a time of resting in front of me, I will view that as my job. I don’t know how long this season will be, so I intend to value each day I have here to the fullest. One day I’ll put the boots back on and harness up a camel, but right now, I have an oasis to explore.

It is so freeing to know that it’s okay to just be, to rest. In fact, it’s planned for!

Some days, God just rocks my socks off.

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