Oasis Prelude

“Well I was walkin’ along, and I saw a path. And I thought ‘huh.  Wonder what’s up there’. And I guess I thought, ‘Why not?’ Always up for an adventure, explore a little bit. So, I follow it. And it goes and it goes up and then, at the top, there’s this beautiful place! In the Middle of the City!
I had no idea it even existed and it’s hidden right there, right downtown. It’s incredible.
And I said to myself, it’s an oasis. That’s what this is, an oasis….”

Dall photo taken near the time of my Oasis Excursion

I have a friend who always chooses his words with care. Makes you listen, you know?

This time he was across our kitchen table, recounting a part in his day. Discovery. I was reminded of good words from a theatre guy once – “It’s always more fun when you do something with someone’s who’s experiencing it for the first time.”

And now I was seeing this place, a park in our city, for the first time. Through his eyes.

I think it was partly his steady excitement that brought me up the hill for a visit one Sunday in October…

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