Dragons and Dinos And Me; Oh my!

Dear world,

I forgot to tell you something.

I have a job! I am working.

That’s what I would tell you if you asked me “what I’m doing these days.”


See those dinosaur bones? Well, someone has to keep them company!

So that’s what I do. Because I work at a museum!

More officially, I’m called a “Gallery Interpreter” but we’ll get to that in a museum. I mean, minute. Oh dear, I’m tired.

Inga here was born and raised in my hometown and launched to stardom (travelling the world, Hollywood, and WWII, not necessarily in that order) after taking a dance course by correspondence.

It’s a pretty neat museum too. Partly a science centre and partly historical, this museum aims for everything hands-on. (Take note that I say aim. Similar to the rest of the world, this place isn’t perfect. Go figure.)

As a “Gallery Interpreter” my job is to engage visitors, make them feel welcome, answer any questions they may have and make sure people are safe. (Because museums are dangerous places, you know.)

One of my favourite exhibits. Inga Anderson. Dancer.

On paper it’s the perfect job description. In reality, it’s a been a bit of a learning curve. I do a lot of standing around and I’m not really used to that.

Some days I feel as though my main duties are really to guide people to the washrooms and to watch the parents watch their children in the play gallery. (Yes, it is exactly as creepy as it sounds.)

We have a play area in one section and a history hall upstairs, but the BEST part of all is tucked in the BIOME!

I hope you read that in my museum voice. It is very similar to my babysitting voice.

My favourite part is the animals. No, I’m not talking about the small ones running around with peanut butter on their fingers, I mean REAL ones. Dead AND alive, even!

This one is Dead.
This one is Dead.

The animals live in the biome. I take care of over a dozen different species, mostly reptiles and amphibians, plus a plethora of fish. Some favourites include the bearded dragon, and an ancient turtle of 24 years. Her name is Sally.

The animals make the day go faster. It’s certainly a no-stress job…but sometimes fun things do happen.

This one is alice. Oops, I mean Alive. Not Alice. His name is actually Fraser.
This one is alice. Oops, I mean Alive. Not Alice. His name is actually Fraser.

Like when the snake poops! Because that’s exciting stuff.

No really. I bet you’ve never seen snake poop.

Well I have. I pick it up every once in a while. It’s not every day a snake poops, you know! Ours only eat once a week (we have three), so digestion isn’t really a speedy process.

This is Rio. He poops every 3-4 weeks and it’s about the size of Chihuahua feces, if not bigger.

Snake poop also stinks bad. I don’t want to talk about that though.

Meet Rio (and his not-so-much Friend)
Meet Rio (and his not-so-much Friend), the Ball Python

Other fun things are when the geckos lay eggs, kids ask questions I don’t know (can snakes throw up? The answer is an interesting one, by the way) or my favourite families come in. There are many regulars.

I like pictures too.

So world, that’s the life & times of Me! Being nerdy in my new little nook. Snake Keeper. Dino interpreter. Walking-feet-only Enforcer. Bathroom Guide and Toddler Wrangler.

Come in and ask about snake poop! If you’re lucky I may even have a sample.

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  1. I once worked in a museum. It was not nearly as exciting as yours. I washed finger prints off display cases in the mornings and researched in the afternoons. Wrangling toddlers sounds much more fun.

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