The Gentlemen in My Life

It’s time. You need to know about these two delightful characters in my life.

At least, tonight they are delight. Like all humans, sometimes they are less so, but that’s okay because we’re related so I can tell them when they are not so nice and they’re stuck with me so we’ll still be friends.


the quirky, the carefree,

the ones who are cool ’cause they’re related to me….



brother. cousin. ROOMMATES.

Yes, ladies and gents, you heard that right.


as of now. Or technically, 12.5 hours ago.



This is Marshall.

The youngest of our batch of three, he’s what makes me an older sister.

Did you hear that M? You’re what makes me who I am!


Marshall is a smartypants who graduated all early-like, went to college for electricity stuff, and is now looking for an apprenticeship in our hometown. On top of his endearing personality, athletic ability and head full of brains, this guy also has the incredible ability to pull off any kind of fashion accessory – be it neon, plaid, a bow-tie or frowny-face.

He’s also a pun master, grammar enthusiast, and pokemon card game nerd. Actually, the best one-word description of this little guy (who is taller than me) really is “nerd.”

A casual gamer, an able guitarist, and a definite soup-lover, Marshall likes meeting new people, stimulating conversations, and probably wouldn’t say no to long walks on the beach.



and THIS

is Carson.

We go way back. Even further than Marshall, since Carson is two years his senior and one my junior.

Wow. Complicated.

Carson and I have been adventure buddies on many a memorable excusion, from building forts with all the cousins to driving to school early mornings in high school. We’ve snowmobiled, canoed, hiked, cooked, yodelled, and poker’ed together on many an occasion, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty more. Carson is always game for a good time and I like that about him.

The youngest of 5, he’s a laid-back gent who likes to longboard, mountain bike, play guitar, and explore new places when he isn’t traipsing through the bush and getting paid to do it with his super-cool bush job. (He even gets to use a GPS!) 

A good friend, a fearless leader, and a pretty decent barbeque chef, I can’t decide if Carson likes long walks on the beach too, or a campfire and starry sky… (I’m leaning towards the latter.)



Kindhearted, goofy, and a bundle of fun, I like these two guys a lot.

Don’t you?

I’m looking forward to our semester together, and am happy to call them more than relatives and roomies;
indeed, most certainly: friends.


Here’s to you, my gentlemen, and the next adventures to come!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Costley says:

    Hi Anna

    Are you guys living in town?


    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Anna says:

      Affirmative! Back in Central BC and happy about it!

  2. Andrew. says:

    ….and they have matching hoodies!

    1. Anna says:

      Yeah they do! We seem to embrace the twinsie movement over here…

  3. Ellie Goodrich says:

    Loved this about your two fellas!! Totally represented them perfectly!! They are one of a kinds!!

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks Ellie! I’m stoked to live with them both; They have been missed.

  4. Shawn Bird says:

    I’m kind of jealous about the guitar noodling you’ll get to enjoy when they’re relaxing… 🙂

    1. Anna says:

      Oh! It’s SO WONDERFUL! That’s the only way to express it. All caps. Indescribable.

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