On Sharing a Table and a Sudden Departure

Got word this morning that our friend Kris died.** A family friend, of sorts. Not many chapters in our lives overlapped, but a few did. He was older than me; enough to make a difference but not enough that he was old.* His parents worked with mine and were friends with those in my parents’ circle….


There’s this girl who live upstairs and she’s totally rad. She pokes her head through the door that leads to the world above – to the upstairs family in this Brown Castle.* She’s an emerging legend in the treeplanting world, an biking/climbing enthusiast, and a genuine, character-filled chick with Awesome basically plastered all across her…

Missing Mongolia

Mongolia is haunting me today. It’s unlike my usual longing to see the youth that I worked with there, a group comprised mostly of international missionaries’ kids. Today it is actually Mongolia. I saw pictures of summer there. The season changing has something to do with this, my yearning to be there and see, smell,…

Photo Friday, on Mudnday.

Anybody else missing Photo Friday? I’ll bet you didn’t even notice it stopped ; ) Welcome to one of the things I did this summer when I wasn’t dedicating my time to Photo Fridays – Adventures in Mud! I thought it a fitting photo to share in lieu of our recent mud-hole adventure. This is…

A Date with Kate: A Kickoff to Fall

I’m going to bed smelling like dirt and applesauce. I think that’s a sign of a good day. I suppose I could shower, but I strongly dislike the activity, so I’m going to push that off till tomorrow. Hooray for procrastination! But anyways… I’m going to bed smelling strange because today I spent with Kate….

The Gentlemen in My Life

It’s time. You need to know about these two delightful characters in my life. At least, tonight they are delight. Like all humans, sometimes they are less so, but that’s okay because we’re related so I can tell them when they are not so nice and they’re stuck with me so we’ll still be friends….