August Frogging

I like August, and I like frogs.  But what do I like better?

I like CATCHING frogs with kids!

Welcome to my favourite part of last week:

Frog Hunting

I had the pleasure of helping teach the Nature Exploration Skill at camp with 10 curious kiddos and Allison, chief Nature Explorer and Frog Catcher Extraordinaire (She’s pretty cool.)

Peering People

Now, the August days up here in the North have been hot, hotter than most o’ the summers I’ve ever seen in Central BC. Strangely, I’m surviving, but I don’t understand how. I’m not a hot-weather person.

Maybe it’s because of all the interesting things I’ve been finding to do… like frogging!

How many feet can YOU see in this picture?

And of course, the company is the best part. Things are more fun when one is with seven year olds. Fact.

This little guy in the red shirt was a personal favourite of mine. We spent quite some time together during different activities, as I often do with those with high energy or who just need a little extra attention.

He fell in love. He brought me flowers.
(I’m kind of thankful it wasn’t frogs. They’re hard to keep in a vase.)


Here’s another one of our friends. Unfortunately, I’m not sure of his name, or even if he has one. What would you name a temporary pet frog?

I think I would name him FauntLeRoy, except that I’ve gotten in the habit of calling any mouse I see that.

Sneaky Shadows

I’ve decided there’s more to frogging than first meets the eye. At first, you might just see a bunch of kids leaning over the dock and filling their toes with mud when they tramp through the reeds.

Watching and Waiting
and Reeach!

No, no, my friends!

There is SKILL involved!

There is teamwork:

Splish Splash, a Frogging Bash!

Stealth, Coordination:

A frogging playground

Plus a fearless fingers, a set of keen eyes, and some steely determination!

Catch him quick; Lickety-Split!

All in all, ’twas a grand adventure, with frogs and fish and NO LEECHES, so I count it all a success.

Farewell, Frogs!

And let me tell you, I had so much fun I hope you all get to go on an adventure of the aquatic amphibians  someday soon too!

Happy Frogging!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You remind me of a very fun day up Reid Lake way when my family went frogging with Mr. and Mrs. Powell. Such a fun time!

    1. Anna says:

      Glad to bring back memories! Frogs make for some pretty good entertainment on summer afternoons.

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