My Bottle-thunking Builders: A Slice of Camp Life

I need more tape! Thunk Thunk Thunk Where’s the ta-ape? and then I’ll put the eyes here WHAT DO I DO NOW? I need help! And then I’ll add fins! I don’t like this red, it’s ugly. Do you have tape? Why can’t I have THAT red paper?  My name’s not Landon. Thunk Thunk Thunk. I need tape too! Do you have tape? I HATE this red paper.  You said I was next! Thunk Thunk Thunk Look it’s Larryboy! He just said the F-Word…I HATE THIS RED PAPER! 

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

Welcome to Build and Chaos  Build and Fly!

This was an hour of my life the other day. It was fantastic. Especially so because I drank TWO cups of coffee that morning. I don’t usually even have one so TWO makes me straight up W-i-r-e-d.

Really. No sarcasm here.  Maybe we should back up:

I’m at camp. I do lots of things at camp, and one of those things is teach “Skills.” A skill is just another name for different activities such as Archery, Crafts, Drama, Fire and Food, etc., that kids sign up to and have a session at each day.

This week I taught Build-and-Fly-by-the-Seat-of-your-Pants.
Erm, I mean, Build & Fly.

I do believe this is a great skill, and one with lots of potential for some good ol’ fun.
We build things. And then make them fly.
Yep. It’s great.

Paper airplanes, foam darts,  paper kites, and bottle rockets are some things that fill the three Build & Fly bins. On the 2-cup-coffee day (which it shall be known as from now on) we had bottle rockets on the agenda. We also had 14 squirmy boys crammed into two tables equipped with 14 large pop bottles, some crayons, scissors, and only one roll of packing tape.

Chaos. That’s the recipe for it. And oddly enough, I don’t mind it.

I love the boys. I love the boy who brought me a bouquet on the first day of class, I love the boy who refused to work with red paper. I love the boy who scrunches up his glasses when he’s focused and the one who is best friends with his brother so they chose all the same activities and never want to be apart. I love the one who has a tendency to wander and the one who told me he farted, twice.

I even love them with hands full of 14 empty bottles that have a tendency of getting bounced against the table edges to create that satisfying (to the whacker) but repetitive (to the one trying to talk over it) thunk thunk thunk. 

But what I love even more is that I know the God who made 11 year old boys, invented airplanes, and then filled me up with coffee, joy, and excitement to seize the moment, embrace the chaos, and build some stuff to make it fly.

Bottle Rocket Example

God is good. Camp is fun.

And now, with the thunking echoing in my brain and the faces of my Build & Fly Boys plastered on my memory I am ready to sleep, because tomorrow
the chaos begins again.

Good night.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellie Goodrich says:

    Loved this!! REally enjoy your style!! Love camp too!!

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks for reading Ellie, and for investing in this local ministry. You are truly gifted for sharing God’s love with those kids! I really enjoyed seeing you in action out there this summer!

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