Lazy at the Laundromat

Sleeping bags: They have a way of picking up picking up some strange smells while travelling the world, I’ve noticed.

Thankfully, I’ve also been learning about this thing called “laundromats.”

And so today, on a very hot (38 degrees!) Canada Day, I took an outing to the Princeton laundromat. I’m in Princeton now, you see. I hid from the heat and put on my lazy face. ‘Twas lovely.

say something here
all in a row

I love laundromats. This is a fairly new discovery, only setting foot in one (the same I was in today, actually) for the first time last year.

I mean really, what’s not to love?

Usually fairly empty, there’s no  pressure when at the laundromat. Any social interaction is either completely forgettable or a nice surprise. For instance, that guy Dave today. I finally introduced myself to the old gaffer who runs the place and I run into all over town.

(Is ‘old gaffer’ rude? I never know who’s going to read these things. Dave himself might stumble upon this one day and what might he think then! Oh my.)

Anyways, Dave made some change and helped me push my coins down the slot. It seems I’m out of practice reading instructions and pushing coins down slots.

But Dave was nice.  He said he wouldn’t tell anybody. He’s got my back.

tricky things, I'm telling you
tricky things, I’m telling you

I also love landromats because they give you a little gift of time, all to yourself!

You can bring a friend and chat, or stop at the coffee shop next door, or get something accomplished on your computer, if you so desire. (Today, I read a book about cowboys. I also like cowboys.)

Oh, AND, laundromats ALWAYS SMELL NICE!

Yay Tide!
Yay Tide!

The thing all this comes together to say, I suppose, is that laundromats cause you to slow down. Hide from the heat, linger at the bulletin boards, and make things fresh and clean.

People watch. Laundry watch.

Whatever. Relax.

That’s how I’m looking at my time in my parent’s little town these days. TREK is finished, the 54 weeks are up and here we are, taking a breather before the next chapter of The Adventure.

Perhaps your Canada Day has been a busy kick of to a summer full of much, but just remember: when you need some quiet time, I know 0f a great place to find it!

yep..I think that's a washing machine selfie...
i do believe that’s a washing mashing selfie…

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