Update: We Catch Up

The rumours are true. I am no longer in Mongolia.

On Saturday (Mongolia Time) we headed to the airport, all packed and praying that our my bags were not overweight from the souvenir-y stuff and my pound of new postcards. Turns out, between both bags I had a whopping 6kg to spare! Incorrect bathroom scales are not being added to List of the Things I’m Not Fond Of. They give false worries, tsk tsk!

Then, on Saturday (Canada Time) after 3 flights, 20 hours of travel, and one crazy run through the Seoul airport, Team Mongolia arrived in Vancouver, BC.

Home. Or close enough, anyways.

Now there are 20 of us Trekkers gathered from Mongolia, Thailand, Germany, Portugal, and Japan, here to debrief our journeys and learnings for two weeks in Abbotsford before facing the world again. Week one is just about finished.

But..what have you been DOING? you might say…

Debrief is a time for us to reflect, relax, and reorient ourselves before jumping back into Canadian culture and all of our respective ‘normal’ lives. We have been talking, sharing, reflecting and preparing for life back in North America.

I felt now would be a good time to just let y’all know what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been at, and a few ‘housekeeping’ notes about life in this brief season:

1. The Blog Will Go On.

Kind of like Kate and Leonardo’s hearts, but not quite.

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures as my brain catches up to them.
This may take months or years, but they will come.

2. Please don’t visit me.

Yeah, sounds odd, but you may be connecting the dots and saying
“you’re in Abbotsford, I’m in Abbotsford, let’s meet up!”
And as much as I truly would love to see you, now is not the time.
Please help me respect the leadership’s decision to try and quarantine us a bit
to maximize this opportunity to rest and reflect.
Please don’t take it personally, but visits do distract.

3. But….there IS a time I’d love to see you!

We will be hosting a Dessert Night on Friday, June 28th
to some stories from each team and tell of our experiences.
It’s at 7:00 pm at a location to be announced.
Leave a comment if you want to come! I can get you more information if you’d like.

And that’s all! I’m looking forward to seeing y’all soon,

but also to getting back to real stories and posts with pictures.

Those are way more fun.


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