6 Things I Did Not Do

It’s Saturday, and we’re not at kid’s club. It’s a holiday today: Children’s Day.

“And what is Children’s Day?” you might ask. Well, apart from giving your children gift bags full of candies and chocolate and lots of balloons and little girls in fancy dresses running around, I’m not sure what all is involved.

So naturally, I’m going to write a post all about what I didn’t do this week instead!

1. We did not go to Kid’s Club today.

I touched briefly on this already. We held it yesterday instead, so the kids could be free to celebrate the holiday today. It was a shorter club because we had no lessons and no older kids time; just games and gifts for Children’s day.

2. I did not make a Photo Friday Post.

WordPress is not letting me upload photos. This makes me sad and frustrated and sound like a pirate. Arrg!

3. I did not cry when we had our last language class,

but I could probably be tempted to if I think too much about how much I adore our teacher. I’m looking forward to a freer schedule for out last weeks here but I really do like learning, as well as language, so I’m going to miss school. My teammates think I’m crazy.

4.  I did not update my resume.

Oops. With exactly two weeks until we fly out, I really should be figuring life out for the fall, but somehow being responsible and looking into life after I get home is not high on my Desirable Priorities list. Bad me, bad!

5. I did not smile, dance, or sing…

…when it SNOWED on Monday. I was finally getting used to the +15-20 degree weather when it rained, hailed, snowed and stayed on Monday. Adele and I curled up Phantom of the Opera, spaghetti and some of our youth girls to wait out the weather and that part of the day was most enjoyable. (Not so much the soaked socks from the trip to the grocery store though. Sick joke, weather forecast!)

6. I did not remember the word for “Winner”

even though when you play Dutch Blitz for 2 hours at the foster home it’s a really useful word to know! And sadly, I have no more language teacher to ask! I’ll have to keep practicing my other new words instead – things like teeter-totter, “life’s not fair”, and the fruits of the spirit. Or, I’ll just ask the girls when we go back to the foster home next week : )


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