The perfectionist in me has come out again. The perfectionist, the introvert, the observer, contemplator, the chewer-on-many-things. By looking at this blog it would seem I have had not much to say the last few weeks, but the opposite is indeed true: I have too much.

I want to share. converse. enlighten. suggest. exclaim. describe. lecture, COMMUNICATE!

But I haven’t.

I make excuses and shove it off and write half-posts that are only half-decent, mostly because they are never finished. I’m not satisfied.

The perfectionist has come out again.

So, starting tomorrow I’m implementing a new rule for the week: A paragraph a day.

Simple enough.
Just do it.

Let go Banana. Share you’ve got. (whether it be done, incomplete,  perfect, or not.)
PS: Things to look forward to, if I stay focused:
-Summer plans
-How I met my neighbour
-Normal life and baby showers
-Why May is weird
-The Story Shift

I tell you this because it will help keep me accountable.
(Interesting fact: we talked about accountability at youth group last week. How convenient.)

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