Youth Retreatness Update

I’ve never uploaded so many photos to facebook in my life. I guess that shows how much I love them, the youth who’s faces now dominate my “wall”.

That’s okay. I don’t mind. They put up with my famous last words every youth night and event: “blurry! – one more!” so I can’t complain about the Seventy-Five Plus  notifications my facebook is plagued with the following hours of posting. Apparently they liked them.

We just got back (edit: written a week ago, posted just now) from a youth retreat. 2 nights, 24 youth, and 375 photos later we returned, victorious.

I say victorious because my goal was no major injuries and 24 youth returning. We made it.

29 people, a guitar, food coolers, sleeping bags, backpacks and frisbees in one small bus. Yikes.

It was a weekend with a loose schedule. A few sessions focusing on the importance of and some ways of going about “Hanging out with God,” and a lot of card games, kite flying, semi-organized wide games, and even a few parkour lessons, thanks to Joey & Adam, our resident parkour enthusiasts.

I was reminded this weekend of how incredible these kids are. And not just these kids – people. I have no idea just how many people are on our planet these days, (and I’m terrible with place value so I just imagine everything over 1000 as “really big” anyways) but I’m overwhelmed when I think about the uniqueness of every single one of them.

I had several good talks with different individuals over the weekend. I’m learning to listen. I’m learning to ask questions that I don’t necessarily need the answer to but someone else needs to hear from their own mouth. I’m learning to hold things loosely and people tightly and that you always, always need to bring an extra sweater. Even if the forecast is great and you’re tired of being the responsible one who over-packs.

Thank you to all who pray for me, my team, and these kids.
It’s an honour to work with them and hear their stories, and a real joy to be able to bless the missionary families in this area.

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